The market for artistic nude sites is pretty crowded, and it’s not a niche where it’s traditionally been easy to offer something unique, so can Zemani’s ‘fresh, natural, beautiful nude angels’ seriously challenge the usual suspects? It certainly looks the part and has a fair bit of content – let’s delve a bit deeper.


Studio nude from Prague

Not much information is provided about the site or the photographers – in fact it’s not even clear what Zemani means or whether a man by that name has any hand in the proceedings. As with most other sites of this ilk, the models (of which there are more than 200, all between the ages of 18 and 23) appear to be eastern European and are spectacularly pretty. The content is very similar in style to the staple erotic art sites like Met Art, meaning ultra-softcore posing, usually with no spread legs or anything overtly sexual at all. The content is not ‘pure nude’ à la Femjoy, but there isn’t much in the way of clothing worn by the models, and no real tease factor – just the simple, unadorned beauty of the naked female form, a truly wondrous thing I’m sure you’ll agree. Most of the shoots are taken outdoors, usually in natural settings, which is normal for this niche.

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Image size exceeds 4300 pixels for the latest galleries, which is not unusually large by the standards of this genre, but still insanely big by almost any other measure. The older galleries are not all at this exceptional resolution, but even they come in at 2000 pixels or more. Unfortunately, the video clips suffer in comparison to the photos: they’re not especially sharp, even in high definition, and although the editing is fine, the music can be awful and inappropriate (techno!). What’s more, with only one format offered, and no previews available, the video content as a whole isn’t particularly accessible or well presented. Definite room for improvement there.

sunset erotica

Captivating sunset nudes on the beach are one great thing on Zemani.

Taking into account videos and photos, updating appears to be daily, which is acceptable. The site has been online since 2007, so the archive is already decently sized. I didn’t encounter any serious navigational woes, and one feature – having links to all of the available sizes under each image – is very welcome (this is annoyingly absent from many sites, even the best ones). Good user settings are offered, including default photo size and number of photos per page, and I like the option to either display images in their own ‘HTML navigation’ or as a raw JPEG in a new browser window. There are two particularly impressive things about Zemani. One, it has the professional appearance and navigation of the bigger ‘household name’ arty sites. Two, it has a stunning collection of models who don’t seem to be overexposed (as it were) on some of this site’s competitors. Zemani is a quality site with real charm. Recommended.

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sensuous lake nude

Even the low res samples look better than any large image on other sites. The details are very erotic and sensous.

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