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You wouldn’t see anything like this in America. Attitudes to public nudity are very different in Europe, a fact that X Nudism exploits to bring us plenty of candid footage of girls cavorting entirely naked on public beaches. The site teasingly tells us that it’s definitely a case of ‘swimsuits optional’ when you get inside the members area, and thankfully these girls have taken the sensible option of enjoying the beach au naturel.

female nudistX Nudism has been around for a good few years, though the site underwent a major overhaul around the start of 2008, enabling it to update currently with both old and new content at the pretty fearsome rate of a new video and picture gallery every day on average. The material is all lumped together, though in fact both candid and posed stuff is available. Genuine nude beach footage is pretty hard to come by on the web, so the large archive is definitely a plus here, and much of the latest content is available in high definition.

The posed content is generally of a higher quality, as you would hope, and although mostly the nice looking girls just sunbathe and generally play around on the beach (they typically don’t play up to the camera), there are a few scenes further back in the archive where things get more explicit with some girl-girl or boy-girl action just about falling short of penetrative sex. While the posed scenes typically don’t take place on crowded sections of the beach, there are sometimes a few other people around, and occasionally some guys take an interest in the naked girl and we see the lads and lasses flirting with each other. There are also a few trenchcoat-type flashing scenes, where the location moves from the beach to public streets or fields.

But for a couple of quirks, navigation is reasonably straightforward. While there are both streaming and download options available for the videos, it’s slightly annoying both that exact file sizes aren’t given and that all clips are given the same name. And I’m not sure what a load of paysite reviews are doing inside the members area either (that’s our territory!), especially since they’re not all even related to the beach or public nudity niche. The key thing, though, is that there is plenty to see at X Nudism. While there is definite room for improvement here, you won’t find many nudist archives to compare to this one.

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