Whipped Ass

In an ideal world all porn sites would be operated by Kink. These guys and gals now run more than a dozen high quality sites, each offering great content and great models in a highly professional set-up. My only beef with them is that they don’t offer network access, but that’s kind of understandable given the amount of stuff they churn out. Though there isn’t always much to separate the themes of their sites, the point of this one seems obvious enough from the title. Asses and whips to the ready, then, please.

Kink do like to play around with their dominance and submission fantasies, and besides the ass whipping angle the extra twist here is that the ‘dom’ is always female. The scenes broadly follow what has become something of a signature for the company, starting off with the girl being very rigorously tied up, and then it’s on with the show. The whipping typically takes up one or two of the scenes, and it can be pretty severe, leaving visible marks on the girls. Belts and canes are often used, and there is some more conventional spanking too.

On top of the red rump stuff we get to see plenty of other BDSM action too. Regulars of Kink sites will know this can mean anything from nipple clamping, verbal humiliation and face-sitting to forced arousal with a vibrator. The dominatrix then gets in on the action, subjecting the girl to a forced lesbian workout involving pussy licking and strapon sex, and sometimes even fisting. The sets are realistic and the performances convincing; only occasionally do you get the impression the sub is trying a little too hard to look tortured. The episodes are nicely bookended by frank interviews with the girls.

If you’ve read our reviews of any of the other Kink sites you’ll know that the technical specs are first class. The videos are in two high definition formats (available since late 2007), with the better of the two looking absolutely excellent, revealing the high standards of the filming and lighting. Pictures don’t come in at the greatest resolution, but they look ultra-realistic without a semblance of colour or clarity defects. A new episode is added every week without fail, which is hardly ultra-prolific but is counterbalanced by the fact that they are typically almost an hour long and photo galleries contain in excess of 200 images. Whipped Ass is another triumph for Kink, and definitely one to consider if your extreme fetish tastes coincide with a love of the female posterior.

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