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nude in airport

Public nudity in fatastic locations is one trademark of W4B. This Czech model is seen posing nude on an airplane and masturbating inside the cockpit.

In the face of serious competition Watch 4 Beauty has emerged as one of the most popular artistic nude sites on the net. The site adopts the now-standard magazine format, presenting a new ‘issue’ every other day of some of the sexiest naked girls on the planet. With over 150 models, more than 30,000 photos and in excess of 100 high definition video clips, it’s going to take a special effort on my part to find something not to like about this one.


Natural outdoor nudity: Cold, fresh air makes European babes look so sensual.

The style of both the photos and videos is probably more of an acquired taste than other mainstream productions like Femjoy and Hegre Art. The content is more individual and dynamic, but also more hit-and-miss, more consciously genre-defying and slightly less professionally put together. Although most of what you get is standard nude stuff, there is some variation in the themes employed, with kinky outfits, public nudity and mild fetish stuff appearing semi-regularly.

Not surprisingly the models are the regular crop of gorgeous Czech and Hungarian models like Monika Vesela and Marketa. As is the norm with this type of site, image resolution tends towards the preposterous – I envy the man whose monitor will fit the top resolution of 5600 pixels – but 2000 and 1200-pixel versions are also available. The average number of images per gallery is about 50, which I found acceptable as I’ve never been a fan of having hundreds of similar images to wade through. Given the greater artistic leanings here, I was hoping to find something more original in the videos, but lo and behold you just get the same old photoshoots and random wandering around the countryside. Quite a few of the videos, and especially the earlier ones, have visual effects of one kind or another on them. Although the clips themselves are also a little on the short side, you can’t help but be impressed by the great high def resolution image that shows every detail of these beautiful ladies’ nude bodies.

All of the technical aspects of the site are handled nicely. The design is a little cramped, but everything is laid out quite straightforwardly. Download options are fantastic, with several video options and an original PDF version (2000 pixels) for the photos. So is Watch 4 Beauty a genuine front-runner? Well, although it occasionally gives the impression of trying a bit too hard to be different, it’s still a high class production with great girls and some original and erotic content. The fact that they throw in the solo ‘Dream’ sites for free, creating a nice little network that is uncommon in this niche, only serves to sweeten the deal.

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panorama babe

Guys love beer and beautiful women. How about a panoramic view of a busty model inside a farm that grows ingredients for Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus in Plzen?

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