Velvet Ecstacy

Velvet Ecstacy offers more than a decade’s worth of raw amateur sex. The action features a mixture of real couples and single females who resident fuckmeister Victor gets to give a good going over to. There is also great variety of couples in terms of race, size and age – for once this is an amateur site worthy of the name.

The scenes begin and end with a brief chat with the girls, which is great – it really sets the scene, builds a sense of anticipation and adds to the entertainment factor. The participants even get to write an introductory piece, which gives the content an intimate, personal touch. The sex action itself is then divided into three further parts – main, facial and aftermath – which are separately downloadable (in fact it’s not possible to download the whole scene in one). There is good variety to the sex, so as well as the mandatory facial there will sometimes be anal sex, titjobs and handjobs. The action is raw and convincing, and there’s even a small amount of fetish stuff (such as smoking, foot licking and more) and the occasional threesome. The setting is usually a very basic studio location, meaning there are minimal visual distractions from the couple going at it, and scenes average out at about half an hour each, if you take into account all the four parts.

There were a few colour and clarity problems on some of the clips I downloaded, but overall they offered a decent technical standard for amateur content. Perhaps they could look into high def for the future? Quality slides markedly in the older material, but such is to be expected (in fact it’s almost a good sign– it shows the site cares about continually improving the quality of its output). Video options are simple – you can take your pick from either ‘hi’ (640×480) or ‘low’ (320×240) resolution clips, both in Windows format. Photos aren’t really the focus of this site, though the latest picture resolution is 1600 pixels, which is pretty good, and the images look sharp and naturalistic. Galleries are large, though presentation leaves a little to be desired. The material is effectively categorized, though there are limited searching and navigational tools beyond that.

The site design is dated and not entirely appealing, for those who give a monkeys about that sort of thing. Updating is pretty good, however, with two new scenes appearing every week on average, which isn’t bad by any means. Overall, Velvet Ecstacy is a far cry from the soulless porn arcade-style megasites that dominate the online erotic scene. This is authentic, classy, ‘proper’ erotica – a first-rate independent production, in fact.

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