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The two things most people want to know about upskirt sites are, firstly, whether the content is non-nude, and, secondly, whether the material is posed or authentically voyeuristic. So let’s get those issues dealt with straight away. UK Upskirts is a non-nude site featuring high quality posed videos of sexy English models allowing us to peer up their skirts. Still interested? Read on.

The scenes don’t differ a great deal in style. The girls either pose for the camera, which is typically situated almost at floor level to enable us to get a good view, or they do various acts that provide for a stereotypically voyeuristic upskirt opportunity. In the latter case, this is things like reaching up to clean shelves in the kitchen (housework is a recurring theme here), sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper with their legs perched on the coffee table, walking up the stairs and so on. The shapely English lasses tend to wear short skirts, meaning it’s not too hard to create the upskirt angle.

In terms of the clothing the girls wear, for the most part this is cute dresses and nice tops, so typical summer wear rather than anything overly sleazy. Likewise for the underwear: there is a nice range of ‘normal’ underwear on show. It’s clear that this is intended to be a fairly naturalistic site, featuring the sort of upskirts you’d actually get if you went round to borrow some sugar from your sexy neighbour and she had to stand on a chair to reach it. That said, the use of proper British glamour models means you get plenty of close-ups and the hotness of the girls is generally beyond question.

British panties

London BBW allows peeks up her skirt.

Most images have a resolution of 1024 pixels, which isn’t huge, though they are particularly sharp digital shots which compensates somewhat. The latest sets come in at the more acceptable 1400 pixels, and thankfully they too look very professional. As for the videos, resolution isn’t quite high def, but it’s actually better than some HD videos I’ve seen – the resolution of 960×540 will certainly allow you to watch full screen at acceptable sharpness on all but the most mammoth of monitors.

One of the great features of UK Upskirts is its size. With about six hundred videos and photo galleries, this has to be one of the largest archives of its type out there. Site design is nice, too, though navigation options are at a bit of a premium (though such is the similarity of most of the content that it hardly matters). The inclusion of a search box is actually a little surprising, though there isn’t much text here on the site so you won’t find much unless you plug in a name of a model (not that you’ll need to seeing as there’s a model index).

UK Upskirts updates most days with either a new video or photo gallery, which is an excellent rate for a niche site. Overall, for the upskirts fan who isn’t fussed about nudity and is happy to see posed footage, this high quality and very large site is just the ticket.

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