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Torrid Art showcases the exclusive photography of Ryder Aedan Perry, and claims to offer high quality photos that are ‘between art and porn’. That could cover all manner of sins, in truth, so I’m eager for a look to inside to see exactly what they mean. The site has developed a reputation quite quickly (it has been online since 2006) for high technical standards and a great collection of sexy American models.


Busty Torrid model Cameron has her own cover like all models

There can be absolutely no quibbles about the quality, it’s true. All of the photos are offered in four resolutions going up to 3000 or 4000 pixels, and, unlike at some other sites, the images are equally sharp at the top resolution as at the lowest. The photography is very natural, with no manipulation such as airbrushing – the girls are presented ‘as is’ meaning you can see them at extremely close quarters, warts and all as it were. There are plenty of outdoor shoots, consistent with expectations in this niche, though no multiple girl shoots that I could find. There are also no videos on this site.

The content is not ‘pure nude’, meaning the girls are usually clothed at the start of the shoots. Sometimes there are only a few clothed shots, sometimes the girl stays dressed almost until the end of the shoot. The choice of models is one of the real attractions of this site. Much as there is plenty to admire about the eastern European girls that dominate other sites, it was refreshing to see some cute American girls that don’t all fulfil the white, skinny, shaved stereotype. Although some of the girls are famous hardcore porn stars, they are balanced out by equally sexy amateur girls.

unplugged video

Videos in scenic panorama locations. Unplugged covers for each item.

A search engine is offered, though it’s a little basic (hair colour and race are the only criteria), but besides that the site is quite nicely presented. Update levels aren’t a particular strength here, but there is a steady if not rapid stream of new material at present, though I’ve never been a fan of breaking shoots into multiple parts and spreading updates over several days. Extras are kept to a minimum also, the only bonus content being some articles on various sex and sexual health topics that are fairly well written but unlikely to be indispensible reading for those interested in the main content. All of which means the site relies very heavily on the photo content, and in that regard it delivers in a big way – the girls are sexy and natural and the technical standards are really very high. Torrid Art might be for photo lovers only, but if that’s you I strongly advise you give it a try.

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Romantic angle on All American model Mia Presley.

Romantic angle on All American model Mia Presley.

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