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When it started Teendreams was all about chicks getting out of their jeans and panties. Sweet!

Teen Dreams has been online since 1997 – enough time, you might think, for it to develop a pretty sizeable archive. Spot on: this site is now serving up more than a million images and in excess of 1,500 videos. That should keep you busy for a quiet evening or two. It touts itself as ‘the’ teen megasite, and for my money to live up to that description they’d need to provide plenty of super hot young models and great quality content in addition to the masses of content. Only one way to find out.

There are certainly no problems in terms of the models. There are a lot of amazing girls on this site, many of them eastern European. This site used to rely on licensed content, but, like many of the bigger sites, it soon realized that the secret to success lay in providing high quality, exclusive material. About two-thirds of the photo galleries are solo shoots, the rest are divided evenly between lesbian and hardcore. Updates for quite a while have been in the region of 2000 to 2500 pixels (before that they were only marginally smaller), and for the most part they look highly professional.

Amateurs from around the Globe: Women of the World

cotton panties

Some sets were becoming rather erotic like Jayme pulling her cotton undies apart.

The video collection is divided up roughly the same, with about half of the clips featuring just the one girl. A minority of the scenes are purely softcore without even any masturbation. The hardcore stuff which makes up most of the rest consists of licensed DVD scenes, at slightly lower resolution than the other clips, but there’s also some great exclusive lesbian scenes. Given the good video quality and longish clip duration, file sizes can be fairly high even though most are not available in high definition. Though the vidcaps and good scene descriptions give a good indication of what the scene contains.

Given the wealth of stuff available, the good search engine provided is pretty critical. Other browsing features are nicely handled too, including good sized thumbnails. Six new sets are currently being added every weekday, providing you with plenty of new girls to sink your teeth into (so to speak), and there’s even some bonus content courtesy of Viv Thomas. The net result is a fantastic source of great looking girls.

Visit homepage: www.teendreams.com

finger in mouth

Afterall it’s mainly naughty girl wants to be a famous pornstar.

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