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Super Star: Sunny Leone

We are in distinguished company here, with the Penthouse Pet of the Year 2003 and Vivid contract star Sunny Leone. I guess Sunny must have a few things going for her in the looks department then? Yes indeedy, if you like gorgeous brunettes who are hornier than a crash (weirdest collective noun ever?) of rhinos. Sunny, who is Indian by ethnicity but was born and raised in Canada, is not merely an ultra-successful porn star. This sultry Sikh has acted in several mainstream films and, according to everyone’s favourite online encyclopedia, is also a successful businesswoman.

Sunny has had a boob job, which will be obvious to anyone who is familiar with her very early work, and she now looks titalicious – good work whoever that lucky doctor happened to be. Her picture categories are glamour, amateur, girlfriends and candids. Candids are particularly important on an official solo site, of course -especially with a model with this level of internet saturation. There is a fair bit of erotic stuff in this section from porn conventions and the like, which is not surprising as Sunny is a pro and obviously very busy into the bargain, but also some everyday stuff like when she goes to baseball games. Picture resolution is slightly lower in this category, however.

The latest videos are at DVD resolution and look good, but unfortunately the majority of the other clips are at a significantly lesser quality and can only be recommended for über-fans. There are several hardcore and lesbian scenes in the collection, and Sunny knows all the right people (Aria Giovanni, wahey), and there are also a few clips in which Sunny doesn’t feature at all. The hardcore material is all a recent addition: perhaps her members expressed disappointment that they didn’t see her in full-on action on her personal site.

Who would not accept a collect call from Sunny? Phone sex with an Indian pussy.

Who would not accept a collect call from Sunny? Phone sex with an Indian pussy.

The site is very glamorously presented, reflecting the reputation Sunny has in the adult business. There are some standard solo site features on there too, including a calendar (which indicates that photo galleries appear once or twice a week and a new video about once every 10 days) and a blog (which mainly recounts her professional appearances and other work rather than giving any insight into her personal life, alas). It’s all sexy stuff, and with some regular live shows too there’s certainly plenty to enjoy here.

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