Summer of Pleasures

A light tap sounded on Jack’s patio door. It was just after nine on a Saturday morning and he was preparing to walk the beach and grab some coffee at a small snack kiosk he frequented. Squinting a bit from the bright sun he made out a figure smiling at him through the glass door, it was Charlotte. He smiled as he opened the sliding door, “Hey Charlie How have you been?” Jack greeted the attractive blonde girl. “Great. I just got back from Hawaii. My parents took me there for graduating high school. I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me tutoring me on computer stuff. I also wanted to wish you a happy birthday!” Charlie said smiling. “I have the whole Summer to just goof off until college in the fall.”

Jack bowed his head slightly and thanked her. “Yeah, you had some trouble with computer classes. I am glad you made it through,” he said ignoring the birthday comment. Turning thirty-four was not so exciting to him. He allowed his eyes to quickly take in the sweet form of Charlie illuminated in the morning sun. “Uh, care to walk the beach and have some breakfast with me?” he asked. “Sure. Could I get a coffee first here?” Charlie asked. Jack smiled and nodded, “Okay. Be right back. Sit for a few.” He was pleased to see her, it had been since late May before she graduated since she had visited for lessons. The fact she remembered it was his birthday surprised, and pleased him. “If I was ten years younger,” he muttered pouring her a cup of hot java. Over the two years he instructed her he had looked at her fair complexion, light freckles and hot body. He lusted for Charlie, but out of professionalism, did not move on it. She was a little over fifteen years younger than him. Deep inside he badly wanted to get her naked. He had heard the rumors of Charlie being a bit of an easy girl. One of his other students even told him she sucked great cock. That comment stirred his libido, but he ignored the young man. His dick was stirring as he returned and placed her coffee on the table. “Sorry to be rude earlier, I must thank you for the birthday greeting. I really appreciated it. So what brings you over to see me on a day like this? A pretty girl like you it seems would rather be at the beach with friends,” Jack said.

“Well, tomorrow I am going to go water skiing. Today I just figured I would relax. I just got home a few days ago from the trip. Besides I wanted to thank you for helping me with school,” Charlie answered in a soft almost calculated tone. Jack looked at her as she tossed her golden hair back and took a deep expression on her face. In her mind she was deciding on how to move her plan forward. Charlie actually wanted to have sex with Jack as a thank you for his help. In her senior year she noticed his cock getting hard every time she was near him. She even now noticed Jack’s cock starting to swell in his jeans. They talked for another twenty minutes about different things when she stood up. Deep inside she wanted to have some kind of intimacy with him. Charlie just was not sure how to seduce an older guy. The young ones supposedly seemed to just take the lead and it happened.

As Charlie stood up a bit nervous Jack looked somewhat confused. “Leaving Charlie?” he asked. She smiled and said, “No, not yet. Actually I want to talk to you about something,” she said. Jack got a serious look, “What is it? Do you need some Summer tutoring? I can do it for you,” he said. “No, nothing like that. I want to do something for you. It is your birthday and you really helped me. I also want to clear the air on a few things,” she said. Jack sensed something coming. “Uh, okay. What is it?” he asked. Charlie giggled nervously and smiled, “Well, I know some of the guys you taught said I was a slut. Maybe I am in a way, but I am sure not like they said. Yeah, I have been with a few guys, but not the football team or anything,” she said trailing off. He was not sure where this was going, but it grabbed his attention. “Charlie, I never thought you were a slut. You’re a smart girl that is blessed to be very pretty. Any guy that has been privileged enough to be very close to you should feel very lucky,” Jack said. “Besides, I was your age once and know how guys talk and try to get it over on a girl.” She beamed at his answer. He had never said she was pretty, just attractive. It struck her funny how her pussy started to get really wet just talking to him.

“Have you ever thought about me that way? You know, I mean not as a student?” she asked. Jack was taken back with her questions. Of course he had thought that. He liked Charlie and wanted her, but now he was wondering where this was going. “Okay, let me say this while I am brave enough,” she said as she began to pull her top up. Jack stared as hints of her breasts started to come into his view. His cock jerked to full erection. “It’s you birthday and I want to make you feel good,” she said softly pulling her top free of her chest. Jack gasped as her small firm tits became fully exposed. Charlie’s eyes had a smoky lustful look. “Come here Jack,” she said firmly. Entranced he walked towards her as she knelt down. He stared at her pert nipples and pretty face below him. Gently Charlie undid his shirt and started to open his pants. “Oh my God!” he thought knowing she was going to blow him. Part of him wanted to run away, but most of his mind knew she was of age and wanted to do this. “Jack, I want to give you a nice birthday present if I can. Can I?” she asked almost begging.

Jack just watched standing before her as Charlie tugged his pants free. His cock leapt out and brushed her soft cheek. She stared up at his eyes as she readied to suck him off. He had not replied, so she knew it was okay so far. “I want to do this. Then I will take you for coffee. Okay?” she asked. Lost for words he just nodded. Jack’s mind was numb at the way this morning was turning out. Charlie tweaked his nipples and licked across his stomach. His cock was hurting now from being so hard. It pressed against her breasts as she kissed all over his chest and stomach. Charlie leaned down now feeling at more at ease with her goal. Jack gasped as her lips and tongue traced over his shaft and nuts. Her hand was warm and soft holding his hard cock. He could not wait to feel her mouth. Deep inside he wished he could make love to her too, but this was perfect for him. Her tight body kneeling and the way she used her mouth on his sex without yet fellating him was so good. The gentle way Charlie was stroking his cock made him worry that he would just blast a nut without ever feeling her mouth on his shaft. It almost embarrassed him seeing the huge amounts of pre-cum leaking from the eye of his dick. Charlie smiled and rubbed the slick juices on his cock head. Jack shuddered as her fingers twirled over the most sensitive part of his stiff organ. “Uhhhh!” he gasped as she slowly enveloped his cock between her lips. His hips quivered as the electricity of her action raced through them. Jack’s legs grew weak and Charlie helped guide him to sit on a chair. She knew she could suck a good cock.

“Oh God!” he muttered as her head and hands bobbed up and down on his cock. Jack gripped the arms of the chair holding on as bolts of pleasure surged in his groin. For such a young lady Charlie knew how to suck dick like a champ. She had learned to feel how close a man was to cumming and knew when to stop sucking and just hold him on the brink of orgasm. Jack just held on to the chair and gurgled at each increasing exquisite sexual tremor rushing through him. The sound of Sloshing and an occasional gag filled his den. Jack had come close to popping four times now and Charlie skillfully manipulated his senses to keep him close, but not to cum. “Feel good Jack?” she said quietly as she gently licked the thick vein on the bottom of his cock. His face was contorted in ecstasy and he could only grunt his enjoyment. Charlie knew from experience he needed release soon. His cock was extremely hard and starting to twitch in her small hand. “You want to cum?” she asked lovingly. Jack could just force a nod. Charlie spit on his cock and sucked his dick back deep into her mouth. Rapidly she pumped her face and hands on his cock. Jack was arching up off the chair to her pumps and gasping. She could taste more man pre-cum draining on her tongue. “Fuck! Oh God I…” he groaned. Charlie felt his thighs tighten around her sides as he started to peak. She knew he was moments from creaming hard into her throat. Then he sucked his breath hard and his nuts started to explode. “Ughnnn!” he grunted as his cock started throbbing in Charlie’s hot mouth. She could feel the sperm shooting up the vein of his dick. Jack’s cream had a pleasant taste. She glanced up at his twisted face as he drifted lost in the rush of orgasm. His cock spurted hard six or seven times and then grew almost unbearably sensitive between her lips. Charlie sensed it and sucked hard one last time drawing more of his semen from his member.

Releasing his still hard cock from her lips she gently licked his ball sack. In his haze Jack smiled down at her angelic face. She licked the small amount of his white sauce from her lips and swallowed it. “Oh Charlie. I thought I was going to have a heart attack,” he gasped. She smiled at him and rubbed his still shaking legs. She loved sucking cock and seeing how pleased a guy was as he came and then relaxed after popping. Charlie leaned back on her knees and watched Jack gather himself. She was considering making love to him now, but she knew he was done for a while and had to recharge. It had surprised her at the amount of cum he shot into her mouth. She wondered if it was just from not having sex for a while or if he was one of those men that could cum in buckets. Gently she touched his softening cock licking the small dribbles of his cream from the tip. He jerked slightly at the gentle roughness of her tongue tracing over the head of his cock. “So Jack, do you still want to have breakfast down on the beach?” she asked. He smiled and answered, “I think I need to recharge myself. That sounds like a good idea.” Charlie pulled back from him as he reached for his jeans and shirt. “Thanks Charlie. You really made me feel great,” Jack said. She smiled at him adjusting her top, “You don’t have to thank me. I wanted to do that for you. Besides it is your birthday present from me.”

Charlie watched as Jack dressed. He smiled at her sweet figure lounged on the edge of his leather couch. He had enjoyed the pleasure of seeing her small firm breasts and felt the pleasure her mouth gave his cock. Jack quietly lusted wishing he had also gotten to return the oral favor. He wondered if she shaved it or was natural down there. Either way he knew she had to taste good. What she had done for him was enough. He had wanted some intimacy with her for a long time and was not one to take advantage of her gift this morning by pushing it further. Jack and Charlie head to the beach. They talked of her future in college. He admired her beautiful looks and secretly enjoyed watching the other men ogle her figure. It thrilled him knowing his sperm had been on her lips a short time ago as she knelt with his cock between them. Nothing was said about the incident or even implied. They just shared that look lovers have after intimacy. The invisible bond that is only sensed. It was still early in the day and Charlie had no plans. No one was home at her place for the weekend and she really didn’t feel like hanging with her friends. The party last night was enough for her. An idea hit her, “Jack, do you have any plans for today?” she asked. “Not really, why?” She felt her stomach flutter a bit and said, “Me either. I have an idea, let me cook you a birthday dinner later. I am a pretty good cook.” The idea sounded good to him, but he wasn’t sure.

“I am sure you have better things to do than hang out with an old guy like me and cook,’ Jack said. Charlie tossed her hair, “I want to do that. Come on… Please!” she asked almost sounding like a kid pleading to stay up late. He laughed and shook his head, “Okay if you really want to do it.” She smiled and hugged his arm for a moment. Her touch and warmth made his cock stir in his jeans slightly. Charlie chattered on about a variety of things. Jack listened and commented to the topics. He was really enjoying just walking in the small park with her. He wished he had a camera to record this nice day for later reflection. She told him she was more or less single since school let out and wanted to stay that way. Jack said pretty much the same thing. He was just looking for the right girl now. It was too bad Charlie was so young, he could fall for her fast. “So what do you plan to fix to eat tonight?” Jack asked innocently. Charlie giggled and put her finger to her lips, “It’s a secret, but I think you will love it.” He laughed at her antic and thought to himself that just eating her would be excellent. Little did he know that was part of the menu if he wanted it as an appetizer. Charlie had never been with a guy more than a few years older than herself. The idea of sleeping with Jack intrigued her. One of her girlfriends had dated and had sex with a guy almost forty last year. Her friend said it was the best fucking she ever had and was still seeing him on occasion. Charlie hoped Jack would give her the same if he was interested. She didn’t realize he was fantasizing making love to her today. Soon they headed back to his place happily talking. At one point Charlie held his hand briefly.

She had noticed Jack’s dick starting to swell. It gave her the idea he was ready for a little more play. In his apartment she again got on his couch and leaned on the back. Intentionally Charlie let her short skirt ride up giving him a pretty clear look at her soft ass. He could not help but admire the sexy female flesh and notice her white panties cupping her pussy. Jack felt confident with his next comment as she had sucked him off earlier. “God Charlie, you have a sweet butt,” he said. She giggled again, “You can touch it if you want.” Jack boldly reached out and squeezed one soft globe. Charlie made a small hissing sound liking the feel of his strong hand kneading her flesh. He felt her body tremble slightly as he rubbed her upturned ass with his hand. His eyes could slightly make out a damp spot where her panty was partially pushed in between her pussy lips. By now his cock was straining in his jeans. He could feel the heat radiating from her sex. As Charlie leaned on the arm of the couch she pushed her hips back on his hand. Bravely he traced his thumb up between her legs. She gasped softly and said, “You can take them off Jack if you want.” Now a bit nervous he gripped the elastic band and pulled the garment from her hips and down her soft legs. He smiled at her clean shaven pussy that greeted him and used his thumb to part the small puffy lips. “That feels good,” she gushed pushing back more. Jack rubbed the space over her entrance and spread the slick fluid over her clit. Charlie looked back at him smiling. Taking the moment he pushed his thumb into her wet pussy. It was tight and squeezed his finger. She gasped again as he pressed his thumb down on the small spot just inside her pussy. “Oh… Yeah! Right there,” she blurted out and shook. Gently he worked the tender area making her hips buck against his hand. Charlie’s mind filled with excitement.

The pit of Charlie’s belly tightened as he pleased her. Jack’s palm became soaked in her pussy juices as she jerked and gasped. She concentrated on the feelings. No guy had ever really done this for her, most just jammed a finger in. Then she jumped hard. Jack had removed his finger and pressed his face between her ass cheeks. “Ahhhh… God!” she moaned hard as he used his tongue on her slit and the her small pleasure bud. Charlie’s pussy had a slight musky smell and a taste that Jack loved. Charlie made soft growling sounds as he sucked her clit and tongue fucked her. The depths of her stomach were quaking from the bolts of pleasure he was giving her. Jack soon had to hold her thighs to stay on her pussy with his mouth. She was arching and gripping the couch arm as she cried out unintelligible mumblings. His chin was completely soaked now and rubbing against her clit. Charlie reached back with some effort and pulled her ass cheeks open more. His tongue slipped deeper into her honey pot. Jack was determined to make her cum. It was not going to be a hard task. After a few more minutes Charlie gasped hard and called out, “Oh fuck Jack… Oh fuck… Ahhhhh!” Her guts jerked tight as he pushed her into an huge cum. She gasped and pushed his face away. Still laying on the arm of the couch she sucked hard to breathe and looked back at his wet face with a smile. He kissed one of her ass cheeks and smiled back. Charlie just rested and caught her breath.

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