Summer of Pleasures Part 3

Charlie’s head was spinning wild as new sensations raced through her nervous system. The mixture of their talking and feeling his cock jerking hot semen into her drove her nuts. Jack carefully rolled her on her back. He stayed inside her for a while and they talked gasping. “If I ever get married, I want a man like you,” she gushed. Jack smiled and rubbed her full belly. She felt disappointed as he pulled his cock from her pussy. Charlie felt so empty, but happy. She looked at Jack as she rubbed her clit. “I am sure you will find the right guy,” he said kissing her knee.

Jack’s cum slowly leaked from her hole. Charlie could feel the warm liquid running between her ass cheeks and over her asshole. He watched his cream drain from her pussy as he stroked his half hard cock. It was a sight he had only dreamed about as he jerked off thinking of Charlie under his hips. He watched the flush fade slowly from her breasts and neck. He knew she came hard and good. Jack was a guy that always wanted his partner to enjoy having sex and being pleased. Her earlier comment on cooking dinner for him for the rest of the Summer made him happy. He just worried a bit how her parents might take it with her spending time at his house. It would be obvious more than dinner was going on. It was still early, only four o’clock. “How about we do a movie and some pizza tonight?” he said softly. Charlie grinned at Jack and said, “I would love it. I will buy. It is your birthday and the way you have made me feel I owe it to you.” Jack pinched her and said, “No way. I pay.” She giggled again like a young girl, “Okay, I guess so. But you have to promise me a desert like this later.” He leaned over and kissed her, “My pleasure sweetheart, my pleasure.” Charlie sat up and cupped her pussy as she grabbed her panties and slipped them on. Charlie had a glow on her face as she tugged on her short skirt and top. Jack could not help but recognize the “Just fucked” look on her face. He had seen it in a few women before, even the ones he had not slept with but someone else had. It was just a thing one could sense. He smiled softly knowing that later today he would make love to her again. Adjusting her clothes and makeup in his bathroom, Charlie was smiling. It surprised her that nothing was leaking from her pussy yet. She knew Jack had cum hard twice in her. Touching up her lip gloss and tossing her hair, she headed back to leave with Jack. She hadn’t been to a sit down movie in ages, all the ones she watched were DVD’s at home. This would be fun. Giggling to herself she wondered if he would try to make out with her in the theater. The thought gave her shivers.

“Do I look okay?” she asked Jack as she walked into the den. “You look great, ready to go?” he answered. Charlie looked more than ‘great’, she looked fantastic to him. She took his arm and they headed out to the flick. As they walked she felt his cream start to leak into her panties. “Goodness!” she giggled feeling it oozing out. “What?” Jack asked. “Oh nothing, I feel so good,” she said as the sticky cream oozed between her pussy lips and soaked her panties. The feeling made her feel so much more like a woman. They pair grabbed a matinee movie near by. In the theater she held Jack’s hand and put it between her legs. He smiled and pushed her damp panties aside and fingered her. He felt like a teenager again and soon the couple was making out in the dark room broken by flashes of light from the screen. Neither one really watched the movie at all. At one point Charlie decided to suck Jack off in the movie, but backed off when two guys her age nearby caught on to their playing. As they left, one of the guys said, “You like the old farts huh?” Charlie stopped and said, “At least they know how to be a lover and not nut in five seconds sonny!” Walking back across the park the two laughed at her comment. It turned out the she had dated the guy that made the crack a few years ago and he got nowhere with her. “I met him at a party and he friggen came in his pants when we started to make out,” Charlie said. Jack cracked up laughing hearing that. “Your bad, you really twisted the knife in him then. So pizza now?” Charlie squeezed his hand, “No, let’s do leftovers.” They changed direction and headed to Jack’s place. In his den again she smiled at Jack. “I am not really hungry. I am still full,” she said. She paused and added, “Of chicken from earlier and your gravy!” That made Jack almost blush.

Charlie grinned at his reaction to her quip. Have you got any DVDs? Let’s just watch a video and relax,” she said. Jack said he did and pointed her to his DVD cabinet. “Want a drink or something?” he asked. “Sure, could I have some more wine?” she said. He nodded and headed to the kitchen. He grabbed a beer for himself and popped a new bottle of wine for Charlie. As he poured he heard odd sounds from the den. Then it hit him. She had found his porn DVDs and was playing one now. Jack panicked slightly. Sure he had had sex with her, but he was not sure about watching a fuck flick with her. Walking nervously back to the den he saw Charlie naked on his couch watching a porn flick. She was totally into the video and unconsciously playing with her clit. “God Jack, look at the size of that guys cock! I have no idea how she can take that thing,” she said watching a very well hung stud fucking a black actress on screen. Jack sat undressed and sat near Charlie on the couch. His cock was starting to swell watching he blankly masturbate as she watched the porn flick. “Have you ever fucked a black girl Jack?” she asked. He squirmed slightly, “No.” She grinned thinking of a couple girls she knew that she could fix him up with.

They watched the movie for a while. Jack rubbed her legs draped across his lap. He felt very comfortable with Charlie now. Their eyes met and she blew him a kiss. “Will you be ready to play again in a while? Watching this makes me want sex bad,” she said. Jack smiled and said, “I don’t know how, but I am ready when you are Charlie.” She grinned wide, “I hope you have some more hot cream for me. I love the way it feels going into my pussy.” As she played with her pussy, Jack gently tugged his cock looking forward to getting back in bed with her. It was getting late in the day and Jack considered her leaving. “Charlie, when do you have to be home?” She looked at him and said, “When I get there. Nobody is at my house until tomorrow afternoon. Why, you trying to get rid of me?” Jack laughed, “Hell no. I was just going to invite you to spend the night if you wanted.” Charlie’s belly jumped hearing that. “I would love too,” she said. This would be a first for her, She had never slept all night with a guy. Jack patted her leg satisfied, “I’ll be right back. I need to lock the doors.” Returning to the den he found Charlie on her knees with her mouth open and tongue sticking out a little, “Let me have a tasted before bed if I can.” Jack moved closer and she locked her mouth on his cock. She could still taste some of his cum and her juices remaining on his shaft. Charlie sucked him for a few minutes and said, “Let’s grab a shower and move to the bedroom.” He pulled her to her feet and lead her down the hall. The shower was fantastic and they washed each other’s bodies excitedly. Jack’s cock was harder than ever by now. She stroked it a few times and turned the water off.

After drying each other off they headed to his bedroom again. Charlie crawled on the bed and looked over her shoulder at him. “Do me again Jack,” she said quietly. He looked at her soft ass raised to him in offering. Tenderly he messaged the round globes and moved onto the bed behind her. Jack fingered her pussy and tweaked her erect clit. “Oh stop playing, fuck me please!” she groaned. He moved closer and rubbed his cock on her soaked pussy lips. Gently Jack pushed his shaft back into her vagina. “Yessss… deeper,” she cooed softly. He could feel the tight walls of her snatch grip his cock as he pushed deep into her. He held Charlie’s hips and moved deeper. “Unnn,” she groaned as his dick completely filled her tunnel. Jack held still feeling her cervix resting against his dick head. It was a firm bulge that felt so great compressing his cock. Charlie muttered softly as he pumped in and out of her from behind. His cock pushed her insides so wonderfully as he fucked her. She reached back between her legs and rubbed Jack’s swaying balls as they slapped lightly against her pussy and clit with each thrust. For a good five minutes they jammed their bodies against each other in their carnal dance. “Jack, I want you on top of me hun,” she moaned and moved forward. His cock popped free and she rolled on her back. He rubbed his cock around her spread pussy lips and pressed forward. Charlie had her spread fingers over he pussy and felt his cock slip back between her labia. It excited her. Jack pushed as deep as he could and held still. He looked down at the youthful blond woman below him impaled on his cock. Charlie’s neck had a flush of red spreading over it in passion. Her chest heaved in lust as she rolled slight from side to side below him. “God I love your cock in me,” she moaned. Jack felt the same way. It was exciting seeing her body spread wide open and his dick buried to the hilt in it. Same here sweetheart,” he said rubbing her parted thighs.

They pushed hard against each other and Jack started a slow thrusting. Charlie responded by rolling her hips up to his stabs. He could feel all of her inner sex clasp his cock as he gently pumped. He rubbed her face and she sucked on his fingers. Her eyes were closed gently as she gasped and licked his digits and hand. Deep inside she could feel Jack’s cock parting her internal tissue. It felt so good as he moved in her pussy. Gentle slapping and sloshing sounds filled his bedroom as he pumped to her responding hips. Charlie locked her legs around his body. Passionately and almost painfully she ground her pubic bone against Jack’s. Time stood still as she felt her belly tighten up again. She was close to cumming. He continued his slow deliberate deep strokes into her. Charlie suddenly tensed and cried out. Her nails dug into Jacks shoulders as she jerked in orgasm. “Oh my God!” she wailed as Jack felt her pussy squeezing his cock like a vice. “Huh, huh… ohhhh!” she yowled cumming. Jack just kept his pace. Stirrings of his orgasm were starting deep in his balls. Charlie’s pussy felt so marvelous locked around his shaft. She was just trembling and twitching under his body as he kept pace. She could feel his thighs start to shake as he climbed to release. “Cum for me hun. God shoot it in me,” she hissed softly waiting to feel his cock pulse deep in her again. Jack was shaking now hard and covered with sweat. A huge rush raced through his body. “Oh fuck!” he gasped. His hips jerked hard and pressed tight to Charlie’s upturned hips. “Ugh… God… Ohhhh!” he cried out as he felt his nuts release. Charlie flinched slightly as she felt the first spurt of sperm jerk into her pussy. She leaned up slightly and saw Jack’s contorted face. Between her legs she could see his cock flexing with each injection of his cream. Her body still vibrated in her cum as his shook hard completing it task of inseminating her pussy. She could feel a slight amount of his cream leaking from her pussy and between her ass cheeks. Jack jerked two last times and stopped.

As Jack watched her prostrated form on his bed, she arched her back and let out a long hard sigh. Charlie’s head rolled back as she reached touching their joined sexes. His mind was blurred. A sharp pain-like sensation filled his orgasmic head. “Fuck!” he blurted as his cock spurted on last tiny load into her. The two just lay connected and shaking. Both of their minds and bodies were flooded with the post orgasmic rush of sexual pleasure. Charlie’s eyes met his. Both were breathing hard and trying to recover to talk. Jack pressed slightly to keep his shaft in her hot furnace. “Damn, it just gets better,” she gushed finally able to talk. He just forced a grin, it definitely was getting better each time. “Leave it in me Jack for a while,” she asked still gasping. He caressed her chest and breasts feeling the wetness of their juices between her legs. He had fucked many women, but Charlie seemed to be the most compatible to him. Jack’s cock slowly started to shrink inside her and finally popped out. A gush of hot sperm immediately drained from her pussy. Charlie smiled and rubbed between her legs. “I will cook for you every night for this,” she said still gasping. Jack forced a chuckle. “God I have to tell Annie about this,” she said weakly. Her comment didn’t bother him, Annie was her best friend. She was a thin copper haired girl the same age that he had tutored with her last year. Jack teased, “Bragging rights I guess?” Charlie giggled, “Yeah, she needs to get laid. Maybe I will recommend you if you want,” she teased back.

Feeling a bit guilty, Jack savored that comment. Annie was cute. “You do just fine Charlotte,” he said as he watched more of his cum leak from her pussy. Charlie smiled at him, “Thanks Jack. I will miss you when I go to school in the Fall.” He rubbed her belly, “Me too sweetheart. But we have a the rest of the Summer.” She smiled knowing that she intended to fuck the hell out of Jack before leaving for school.

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