Summer of Pleasures Part 2

After gathering her wits, Charlie stood up and said, “Jack, I think we need to get more comfortable for part two of this,” as she pulled her pink top over her head. She stared at him with a seductive smile as more of her clothes left her body. Jack followed he lead and removed his shirt and jeans. The mood was lust by now. Charlie had made her mind up to fuck Jack. He sensed it and completed taking his clothes off. She smiled at his hard cock slapping against his belly and thighs as he leaned down removing his shoes and socks.

Jack smiled and said, “I think I need to close the blinds for us.” She lay back on his couch nude and opened her legs. He stared for a second at her running her hands over her body. He could make out the slight glisten of moisture between her pussy lips. It was barely noon on what he thought would be just another boring Saturday reading or surfing the internet. This was the best birthday he had ever had so far. He did not want to rush it. It had been a long time since he had looked at a beautiful woman laying nude on his couch obviously offering herself to his pleasure. After closing the patio blinds Jack just stood and scanned her soft body. “Charlie you are beautiful. Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked sincerely. She felt his concern and said, “If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here like this. Of course I want to keep going. I am old enough in case you forgot.” Jack smiled at her, he knew she was, but was a bit in shock as he considered that he may soon be making love to her. “I just can’t believe this day,” Jack said. Charlie smiled, “Actually neither can I. I had only thought about this before,” she answered moving to the floor on her knees again. She reached up and took his cock in her hand. Gently she kneaded his balls. Jack knew she was going to blow him again. She spit on his cock and stroked it. He tensed as her hand cupped his balls while she jerked his cock with the other.

Charlie studied his shaft as she prepared herself. He was not sure how far this would go, but she was already determined to feel his hard cock in her belly. Jack watched her toy with his dick and balls. She pressed the hard shaft against her breasts and licked the tip. Each action drew a moan from him and another dribble of pre-cum on her chest. Intermittently Charlie would capture his pole between her lips and make a few fast deep pumps into her mouth. For a long while she teased his cock as her body grew more wanting him to be pumping into it. Jack brushed her long golden hair while Charlie made his cock grow harder. She looked up at him almost serious, “Are you ready?” she said. Jack was a bit puzzled until she turned and knelt on the couch opening her pussy lips to him. He smiled and started to move behind her to eat her pussy. “No, go in me Jack,” she said. His cock was dripping huge amounts of his juices. “I don’t have any protection sweetie,” he said brushing her bottom. “It’s okay, just make love to me,” she answered. Jack moved up behind her. He rubbed the head of his cock on her pussy smearing the juices around and started to push towards her tunnel. “Oh yes… That’s it Jack,” she cooed feeling the head pass through her opening. Jack hissed softly as he felt the heat of her insides burning his shaft. Charlie was very tight, but he slid slowly deeper easily. “Ah God… You feel so good inside,” he gasped. She clenched a little, vicing down on his cock as it went farther into her depths.

Jack was trembling as he pushed further into her. His cock twitched a little and he held still. He did not want to cum yet. Finally he fully filled Charlie’s young pussy. He never imagined how good it would feel on his pole. He held her hips as he stayed still again. He watched her sides heaving as she breathed hard. Inside her muscles clamped on him firmly. Jack started a slow pumping to her backside. Charlie’s tone changed now as she felt his cock stretching her tunnel, “Yeah, fuck me Jack… Oh shit that feels so good… pump my cunt!” she called out. Jack increased the length of his strokes into her. Charlie began chanting “Yes,” as he fucked her harder. He watched as a light froth of cream formed on her pussy lips as he fucked her. The vision was pushing him hard and he needed to concentrate to not cum fast. His dick was so sensitive in her tightness. Charlie was starting to gasp harder as his balls slapped against her clit. In her pleasure she could feel his cock twitch more and more deep inside her pussy, “Ah… You feel so good in me… uh! shit… I know you want to cum… It’s okay, fill me and enjoy it,” she urged. Jack’s mind fell numb hearing her say it was okay to let go. His balls started to draw up and the muscles in his thighs tightened. “I can’t hold it!” he grunted in a choked tone. Charlie then felt his cock start to jerk hard and the cum pulse up the tube in his dick. “Ah… More… Keep shooting,” she whined as he jerked holding her hips. Jack looked and watched his shaft flexing in her pussy. The feeling of his sperm racing up and out of his cock into her was incredible. “Oh God baby, I am cumming in you!” he gasped holding her hips almost in a death grip. Jack’s mind was gone in pleasure as he shot a fifth and sixth hard surge of sperm into her. Charlie softly moaned as she felt his hot juices splashing inside her deep. Her wonder if he came a lot was solved. She was glad he could come again today. The feeling was so filling and wonderful. Normally she didn’t let guys cum inside her, but Jack was special. Besides, she was protected. A very small amount leaked out of her pussy. He had cum very deep in her. They jerked together one last hard time and he pulled out.

Charlie fell forward on the couch. She could feel the huge wad of his cum deep in her belly. Jack was gasping and sat on the arm of a nearby chair. “”Whoa… shit… I haven’t cum that hard in ages,” he muttered. She looked at him pleased he felt so good. Her belly flexed inside partially from the huge load he placed deep and from the fantastic feeling his cock gave her as it jerked inside her pussy. Still out of breath Jack watched his beautiful young lover roll on her back. A small bubble of white cream appeared on her intimate opening. A slight panic filled him seeing it. “I came in you Charlie!” he said sharply. “Yeah, a lot.” she said gasping slightly. “It’s okay… I wanted you to do that… I am protected Jack,” she said softly. A feeling of relief came over his mind. He wasn’t worried about himself, just her. The last thing her wanted to do is mess her life up getting her pregnant. “Don’t worry, just enjoy your day Jack. I am,” she said smiling. Jack watched getting a grip on his still shaking body as Charlie pushed his leaking cum back in her pussy opening. She didn’t love Jack, but even if she was not on the pill, she would have let him finish inside her vagina. He was not like the younger guys, he actually tried to make her feel good and not just bust his nut. She was determined to cook a great meal for him and fuck him again later. Jack just watched her study his face. Blankly he tugged on his drooping cock covered with their mixed juices. She smiled at him. She could still feel the huge knot of his cream deep inside her. She imagined his sperm swimming up into her womb at that very moment. The idea gave her a twinge of excitement. “So what do you want for dinner?” she asked. Jack grinned a funny smile, “Well, what I just tasted was perfect,” he teased. Charlie giggled and a puddle of cream leaked onto his couch. “Oh shit, I am messing your furniture up,” she yelped. He laughed and said it was okay, the spot would give him some good memories. She giggled again. She knew her panties would give her the same later after she put them on and they soaked his sauce up.

Jack grabbed a beer, Charlie only wanted a coke. They sat across from each other in post coital bliss. It thrilled him looking at her laying on his couch knowing she had his sperm deep in her belly. She opened up a bit more and told him she had not really been as wild as the stories he had heard. He believed her. Charlie also admitted she had been a virgin until only a few months ago. She got drunk right after graduation and let her old boyfriend do it to her. That is when she went on the pill. She definitely didn’t want to get knocked up. Charlie got up, “Okay, I am the cook, and a naked one. What is your pleasure?” she asked. Jack laughed and said, “Hmmm, you?” She gripped her breasts and joked, “Mwah! Dear I am desert! Do you like fried chicken and veggies?” Jack grinned and said he did. She sashayed into his kitchen nude and started to prepare dinner. Jack followed and sat at his kitchen table and watched the pretty young women fix a meal naked except for an apron. Charlie was really enjoying doing this. An hour later and some light chat over a bottle of wine, dinner was complete. It excited them both eating nude in his kitchen. “I think it is hot doing this, you know eating naked. If you want I can cook for you a few times a week and we can do this until I go to college in September,” Charlie said. Jack accepted her offer. Not only had they made love, but they were having a great time together. Neither one had done this before. Charlie cleared the table. Jack tried to help and she shooed him to the stop. With full stomachs the pair returned to the den. She lounged on the couch as he settled in his chair. They talked for a short while before Charlie dozed off. Jack smiled looking at her. He wished the couch was bigger so he could lay with her. He looked at her delicate form full of food and his sperm. Jack got up and kissed her softly. He needed a nap too and headed to his bedroom to lay down. He wanted to wake her to join him, but figured he would just let her rest. Jack lay on his bed and looked out the door at Charlie sleeping on his couch. Smiling he relaxed and dozed off too. This was a birthday to remember. Jack slept hard and dreamed of Charlie and how it felt making love. She awoke a hour later and spotted Jack. He was in a deep sleep smiling. She smiled to herself and went to the kitchen. She hated doing dishes but wanted to clean up from making dinner. A half hour later still nude she stood at Jacks bedroom door. Carefully she crawled over his hips and sucked his semi-hard cock into her mouth. Charlie could taste his cum and her pussy on him. She felt him start to get hard in her mouth as he moaned in his sleep.

Charlie grinned an evil smile and straddled Jack. She rubbed his now hard cock on her opening and sat down on it. He grunted and jerked awake feeling his dick deep in her love furnace. “I like your wake-up call sweetheart,” he said smiling and gripping her hips. Inside her pussy was soaked with his cream and her lubrication. Jack looked down as she ground her hips down on his. His cock was out of view deep inside her. Jack twirled her erect nipples as she gently started to pump on his dick. He could see a small amount of his previous load leaking onto his pubic hair as he moved in and out of her pussy. Charlie had her eyes closed as she rode on his shaft. Gently he rolled his hips to match her motions. “I really love making love to you Charlie,” he said softly. She smiled as she moved, “Me to. I want you to cum in me again,” she said softly. “I will,” was all he said as they moved slowly against each other. Charlie was feeling new emotions. Never had she talked while having sex. This was so intimate to her. She bent down and kissed Jack hard on the mouth for the first time. He stroked her back and sides as they twisted their mouths hard in a deep kiss. Charlie’s belly did flips now. She broke the kiss and gasped, “I never have had sex like this. I mean it being more than just fucking,” she strained out feeling her belly getting tighter. Jack and her bodies kept moving together slowly. Charlie started to get a tight look on her face, “Oh God, I think I am going to cum,” she blurted out. In the past she never had an orgasm having intercourse, only from oral or getting fingered. Jack gripped her and pushed deeper into her pussy. He wanted to make her cum. Charlie started pumping harder and gasping. A sheen of moisture started to cover her body. Jack watched as her chest and throat started to flush. “Oh Jack, I don’t believe it… Ohhh…” she groaned hard. Jack felt her pussy start to quiver and clamp down on his cock. Charlie lost her rhythm pumping and began to tense. As her eyes rolled back she gasped, “Cum with me… Please…Uh!” and she started to jerked on his hips. “Oh Charlotte, I will,” he said as she, in the haze of orgasm, felt hot jets of cum leap deep into her again. Her whole body wrenched hard as she heard him call her proper name. That drove her higher. No guy ever had done that. It was always Charlie.

“Ohhh, God… Jack… Eeeeee!” she bellowed as her body went numb in rushes of intense sexual release. She could feel his cock pulsing hard in her depths and pressed down to receive his seed. Charlie jerked and finally fell on Jack’s chest. He kissed her damp forehead and held her tight. The saltiness of her skin was pleasing to him. Jack gripped her hard to keep her out of control shaking from parting them.

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