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The suburbs might have a reputation of tiresome respectability, but everyone knows that behind that facade all manner of naughtiness goes on. Suburban Amateurs promises to give us a peek into what British housewives can be convinced to do when hubby is away all day. It turns out the site covers quite a wide age range, and is by no means limited to the bored housewife stereotype plenty of amateur efforts serve up. In fact quite a few of the girls look like the sort who should be going wild in the cities and on college campuses rather than kicking their heels in the suburbs. And although lots of the girls are undoubtedly British, the claim that they are amateurs is a bit misleading in some cases.

boxed erotica

That’s how the boss is delivering his secretary to new company headquarters in Mayfair, London: naked and boxed.

The good thing that can be said about the photography is that it is extremely professional. The images are colourful and sharp, and there’s something about the content in terms of the girls, the locations and the clothes (lots of pantyhose, sexy boots and the like) that mark this stuff out as quintessentially British. Although there tend to be quite a few shots of the girls dressed, there is plenty of explicit posing and touching once they are naked, which distinguishes this site from more softcore productions like Only Tease.

The videos can be similarly explicit, starting off with some chat before progressing to a sultry striptease and then quite lengthy masturbation. Although some videos are advertised as being in high definition, in fact the top resolution is DVD or slightly better, but nonetheless they do look great. The material isn’t massively varied, in truth (for example there is no girl-girl action, nor are any there many outdoor shoots), though there is a large amount of behind the scenes material that mixes things up a little.

UK thong

Typicall image displaying British amateur Shelly before she drops her green thong.

Daily updates arrive nicely on cue, with a new photo gallery every weekday and a new video each day of the weekend. The material isn’t categorised, which makes navigation a little problematic, and you can only find the last 150 updates organised by date, so the model index becomes the main means of getting to what you want. There is some decent bonus content provided, including some material from Viv Thomas, though the main stuff here should provide sufficient enjoyment and is probably just about worthy of the somewhat steep asking price.

Visit: Suburban Amateurs.

Kensington ass

British amateurs wanna make it to the city. Lingerie, uniforms and seductive moments play together for achieving their goals.

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