Sinful Mandy

“Mandy, well you came and you gave without taking. But I sent you away, oh Mandy”. So sang Barry Manilow, though legend has it he was referring to his dog. Just imagine how heartfelt and rueful he’d have been if he’d been crooning about this Mandy, as the very last thing you’d have on your mind would be sending this gorgeous brunette away anywhere. Now that would be sinful.

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Most solo site models are of the cute girl-next-door type or the sexy glamor type. Mandy falls into the latter category. She’s certainly got a body to die for, and although the roundness and firmness of her tits are evidence of a probable boob-job, the overall package is very pleasing on the eye indeed. Unhappily, very little information about this bombshell is given in the members area. We don’t really learn much more than is stated in the tour, in fact, which is that Mandy is 21 and proclaims to be ‘your average girl’, though whether a girl as stunning as this and with her own porn site could ever really be called average is open to serious question.

There aren’t a particularly large number of galleries, though the photos are 1600 pixels and look sharp. Mandy’s staple outfit seems to be a black top, jeans and black lingerie, which suits her very nicely and fits with the dark theme. There is a little bit of sporty content in there, such as Mandy wearing a football uniform, and in general it takes a while for her to get fully undressed in both the photo and video content. There are three video sections, though the best material is in the high def section. The quality here is excellent, though there isn’t much variety to the action. Mandy undresses and acts sensually, and she has a thing for wiggling her admittedly fine ass at the camera, but there’s nothing particularly extreme about the action beyond some gentle touching.

naked ballerina

Not many compliments can be made about the presentation of the site. The home page is particularly plain, with just a menu bar and links to the bonus sites. More disappointingly still, the ‘links’ and ‘meet girls’ sections lead precisely nowhere, and the ‘blog’ and ‘forum’ sections also returned error messages for me. The last updates were in 2008, so it looks like the site is slowly dying, which is a shame as what there is isn’t too shabby at all, and Mandy is definitely a girl that many would go for.

Sinful Mandy is offline, sorry.

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