Shady PI

The premise of this reality-cum-voyeur site, should you choose to believe it, is that a dude who used spy cameras to catch his own wife cheating on him thought there would be plenty of other suspicious guys out there willing to use such surreptitious services. And him not being the type to respect any duty of confidentiality owed to these hapless clients, it would be great fun to share this footage with the rest of the world. It’s not exactly the most original reality concept, but as it plays nicely into our combined fascinations with snooping, sex and catching people doing what they shouldn’t be doing, it’s always going to be a popular one.

The action is certainly impressively staged. Sites like this often have footage that is so stylised and so obviously performed that it entirely defeats the point of the gimmick. Here the film is ostensibly taken either from high-zoom lenses in the guy’s car or from spy cams installed in whatever hotel room the scoundrel in question is at (oh so fortuitously, of course). The resolution is small and footage can be quite fuzzy and distant, which adds to the authenticity, though the sex itself is too prototypically porno to suggest this is anything but fake.

private investigator

Sample of cheating wife setup.

Sometimes we see the woman and/or man before the action gets going, such as in the street, at a restaurant or in a hotel. The flip side of the content being non-authentic is that the girls are very attractive, and with 3000-pixel photos you do get to check them out at very close quarters. The site initially updated about once a month; it’s now down to a couple of updates per month at best, though the excellent Porn Pros network of which it is part updates far more prolifically.

The presentation of the site leaves a little to be desired, using as it does the advert-laden and not especially attractive network interface. And that’s about it really. This probably isn’t a site with a long-term future, but it’s entertaining in its own way and value-wise it’s not to be sniffed at thanks to those numerous network sites.

The site of the Pornpros network no longer exists.

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