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Little Mutt has always been one of the foremost teen/amateur sites on the net, praised for the beauty of the young models, the elegant simplicity of the site, and the raw sexuality of the impressively varied action. Let’s see if those accolades are justified.

The girls are in fact a mixture of sexy amateurs and experienced glamour models. They are definitely on the young side, and it looks like the majority of them are American. The content does indeed have a great variety to it, with solo, girl/girl, boy/girl, private moments, massage and deviations categories from which to choose. In that sense this site is definitely a cut above some of the other well known teen sites around. I enjoyed the massage scenes, in particular (of which there are plenty), which usually feature a guy (‘Sal’) getting the pleasure of exploring all of the girls’ oil-soaked bodies. The deviations section includes some moderate fetish content, including bondage, peeing and medical examination, and generally speaking the hardcore action can verge on the extreme – there is at least one scene with fisting, for example. The content is sensibly subcategorised, and helpfully the subcategories helpfully are available from the main menu panel.

Top photo resolution is 1600 pixels, which isn’t huge but will be more than acceptable for all but the real quality freaks. The older galleries are either 1000 or 800 pixels, which is definitely on the small side by modern standards. But the video collection is Little Mutt’s real strength, Not only is it very large (in excess of 500 videos), but the technical quality is superb in terms of filming, sound and lighting. The amount of high definition scenes is also notable, and the inclusion of an iPod-compatible version is eminently sensible these days. The site is basic but navigation is easy enough thanks to those drop-down menus. Some adverts for other sites clutter things up a little, but that seems par for the course these days. In terms of updating, it’s difficult to detect any real pattern, but new stuff appears about four times every week, which is good going. All in all Little Mutt lived up to my high hopes for it: its combination of beautifully produced action, stunning teen models and raw eroticism should appeal to almost everyone.


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