Session with Nikki

Niki showed up at Bob’s apartment just after nine in the morning. A ritual of sorts had developed between them…sex. Bob was a thirty year old self-employed computer type and she was a freshman in the local college. They met the previous fall at a ball game and became fast friends. He had become her first lover over the past Christmas break.The experience was very remarkable for them both. Bob had been gentle and taken his time. Niki had dated a few other guys, but drew the line at letting them take her to bed. Making out and a few hand jobs were about as much as she allowed. Bob on the other hand could have his complete way with her up to a point. He always used a condom and pulled out before he came for her peace of mind. Niki joked with Bob all the time about how she was a nympho and he her stud. She still partied regularly with her college peers, but at least once a week she spent the day in bed with Bob.
All week she had been unusually horny and had called Bob seeing if they could have a ‘session‘ this Saturday. Niki loved their time together. Today she really was anxious to be with him. For the past three days she rubbed off at least twice a day thinking about Bob’s hard cock jammed up her pussy. She hinted she had a surprise for him and had him wondering. “God I have been horny all week,” Niki said almost immediately starting to get undressed once she arrived at Bob’s place. He watched the slender dark haired young woman taking her clothes off. She had wonderful firm breasts and beautiful green eyes. Bob was extremely fond of Niki and didn’t date much anymore. She filled the sexual gap for him almost perfectly. “I have missed you being here, even though it has only been a week,” he said. He really enjoyed making love to her even with the few limits they had to adhere too.
“Yeah, sure! You missed this,” she teased sticking her naked butt out towards Bob. “Well that too,” he said joking back to her. Their weekly meets were not always nonstop sex, but full of time just being together talking or watching movies. Bob’s cock was already swollen as she finished undressing. “I guess it’s bed first today, huh?” he asked her. Niki giggled, “Are you objecting? I mean we can watch TV instead and I will give you your surprise later.”
There was no way in hell he wanted to watch TV. Last night on his way home Bob had stopped and replenished his supply of condoms for today. He hated the damned things, but accepted using them to be with Niki. He knew he had been her first lover and still the only man to lay between her legs with his cock probing the inside her body. It was worth the small bother. Pulling out when he came was a bit mood melting, but he respected her wishes. She did suck him off without one and let him cum in her mouth, that was enough reward for him.

“So what’s this big surprise Niki?” he said fondling her right breast. Her nipple erected immediately drilling into his palm. “You will see. Be patient!” she answered half scolding. His touch always made her shiver. Between her legs she grew wetter in excitement of making love with him. He could feel her trembling. Niki seemed a bit more excited today than before. She closed her eyes and pressed her body against his. Bob was still dressed and she reached down opening his pants. “Hmm, he seems ready for me,” she mused rubbing the hard shaft through his underwear. Niki could tell he was horny by the wet spot on his shorts.

Her clothes were scattered around the room as she knelt on the floor. Niki ran her hands over her body and cupped her breasts. The pale dark pink nipples looked so pretty on her tits. Bob always enjoyed sucking on them. He also loved to go down on her, but she still was not comfortable with him doing that often. Niki liked it but felt is was a bit dirty for him to put his mouth “there”.

Niki reached out and spit on the head of his cock. Tenderly she smeared her saliva and his leaking juices all over the hard shaft. “I love your hands,” he moaned blankly enjoying her small warm hand slowly masturbating him. The first time they were intimate she had to jerk him off just to see what it looked like when a guy shot his sperm cumming. Bob jerked to her touch as she studied his cock. Even after months of seeing it it still excited her to see how it got harder in her hand. Niki had come to like his taste, the first time it was a bit strange and she wasn’t sure she could suck him. It took three or four times blowing him before she let him finish in her mouth. The act surprised her and now she loved sucking Bob to completion.

Today she had other plans as she pumped his shaft with her mouth. Bob stroked her soft brown hair and brow as her head bobbed below him. His hips bucked from the pleasure her lips and tongue created on his cock. Niki still could not deep throat him, but was working on it. Her gag response was getting better, but not yet tolerable to take him all the way in her throat. She jerked and pumped with her face for another minute and pulled off. Bob looked a bit confused. “Come with me,” she said tugging his cock and walking to his bedroom.

Niki laid on his bed and spread her legs. This made Bob smile. “Make love to me,” she said softly opening her pussy lips revealing the deep pink color of her intimate love pocket. He loved the feeling of her tight pussy hugging his cock. He took off the rest of his clothes and tossed them on a chair opening his dresser to grab a condom. “No, just come here,” Niki said instantly. He paused looking at her puzzled. “What’s this about? I was just getting some protection for us,” he asked. Niki smiled saying, “All week I have been thinking about this. Today I want to feel skin to skin.” Bob made a confused smile looking at her body spread out waiting for him. He also wanted to feel her naked vaginal walls hugging on his cock, but was concerned. “What brought this about?” he asked. She just smiled.

Bob moved onto his bed between her legs, “Are you sure?” he asked. Niki smiled and said, “Yes, put it in me.” He looked between her legs at the small lips covering the entrance to her inner heaven. A few drops of precum dripped on her pussy. She reached down almost impatient and rubbed the swollen head of his cock on her opening. It felt warmer and softer than when he wore a condom. Bob noticed the same worrying that he would cum once he started to push into her tunnel. He really wanted this and made his mind up to be careful and pull out way before he came. Niki pushed the rubbery head between her inner lips against her opening. She stared hard at Bob as he pressed against the elastic opening and moved slowly into her body. It felt so much hotter holding his cock. Niki was very slick inside and now he could actually feel her juices on his shaft. He pushed more making her gasp softly. He could feel every small ripple of her pussy sliding over his dick. Niki’s inner heat was even more intense on his bare cock as it went deeper.

“God that feels so good!” she gasped also feeling the contact of his flesh against hers so intimately. “More,” she moaned. He could feel the slightly burning sensation as his juices leaked out into her pussy slowly. It was only more precum, but he knew it could probably have some of his sperm in it. Bob really liked Niki and started to consider taking his cock out. As his cock bumped against the furthest depths of her pussy he said, “Are you really sure about this?” Niki grunted feeling his stretching her deep inside, “Yes!” Bob started a slow rhythm she like during sex against her body. Niki gripped her legs raising them up over her chest to let him go deep. For the first time she could actually feel the ridge of his cock head gently rubbing against her pussy walls. She could also feel how much more wet she was as he pumped slowly in and out. Niki knew he was oozing his juices into her deepest intimate area. Deep in her belly it thrilled her feeling the sensation.

There bodies made soft slapping noises as he pumped into her. “Oh yes, make love to me,” she moaned in between sighs of pleasure. Bob looked down and watched his bare cock disappear with each stroke into her belly. Small streaks of white cream coated his shaft as he kept going. The sensations on his member were becoming so intense. He knew he would not last much longer fucking her bareback. Bob tried to pace himself and not just start banging hard to get off. Sweat covered his brow as he watched Niki’s face clench with each of his strokes. His balls started to ache as he began to climb quickly to orgasm.

Bob took longer and deeper thrusts into Niki to enjoy the way her pussy was holding his cock so tight. Then that familiar feeling hit him deep in his groin, he was going to cum. “Niki, I have to pull it out!” he gasped as his hips started to shake. “No! Finish inside me Bob!” she whined. Niki grabbed his sides and pressed up tight against his body. “Do it! I want to feel your sperm filling me!” she moaned in a throaty voice. Her hips also were shaking hard against his. He was at the point of no return. Even if he wanted to, there was no way he could take his cock out of her now. “Oh! Niki!” he cried out.

Niki jerked hard as she felt his first hot burst cream shoot into her. “Yeah!” she gasped as it splashed deep inside her vagina. Bob gritted his teeth as the thick semen jets burned their way down the length of his cock and into her. The pleasure of the moment completely erased any worry about cumming in her pussy. Niki shook with each spurt. She could feel his hot cream soaking her love channel. A huge wave came over her being and she stiffened hard. “Ohh… God… Shi..” she started to cry out as her body went completely stiff. Large bolts of pleasure racked her body as she came suddenly with Bob. “Mm.. more..” she gasped begging for more of his sperm.

Bob shook a few last times and sighed. His balls were drained and now their contents deep in her pussy. He could feel the slick sticky cream surrounding his cock as her vagina vibrated and drew it deeper into her channel. The pair lay shaking in the aftermath of orgasms. Niki looked up at Bob blankly. Inside she felt warm and full. The feeling of him cumming in her was far more than she expected. It was just far more incredible than she imagined. Her hand drifted to her belly and rubbed it. She smiled to herself knowing just under it was a large puddle of his sperm swimming towards her womb.

“Bob that was so fantastic, I want to do it again later,” she sighed leaning back and stretching. His cock slipped slightly from her grip. He tenderly rubbed her thighs as he looked at Niki still breathing hard. He was confused as to why she wanted to take this risk, “Sweetheart, you know doing that was risky for you.” She just smiled silently and said nothing. Bob was worried, but not scared. Secretly she was the kind of girl he would not mind having a child with, though not right now. Niki rested enjoying the warm feeling deep in her body. She was not a real active woman when she came, but today she really enjoyed her orgasm. The feeling against her inside was so intense. Finally she said, “I know Bob. You were my first lover and I wanted you to be the first to show me how completely making love felt. I am not worried. It should be fine.” She smiled at him directly and blew a kiss. She softly told him that from now on they would only make love like this, no more condoms.

Her comment was exciting a bit. He loved the feeling when he shot his cream into a woman. Not many would let him do it. Bob’s cock was shrinking inside her and he moved back a bit. He could feel her pussy trying to hold him inside, but it only pushed the softening shaft out of her more. He looked between Niki’s legs and watched himself slowly be expelled. His cock was coated with his cum as it popped free of her inner intimacy. Bob looked at her belly thinking the same as her about the millions of sperm surging about seeking her eggs. He wanted to ask her if she had started taking the pill or using anything to be safe from getting pregnant. He decided to wait until she explained the full reason she wanted to let him fill her with his seeds.

Niki reached between her legs as Bob moved back on the bed. He watched a small white bubble of his cream form at her pussy opening. It thrilled him a bit knowing his was the first to be in her and drip out. She rubbed her mound and smiled, “It’s still warm,” she said running her fingers into the gooey mess between her legs. “I wonder what our kids would look like?” she said softly studying her cum covered fingers. That sent a pang of fear through Bob. “Kids!” he blurted out. Niki laughed, “Don’t worry, I am not ready for one yet. Last weekend I started my period and ended Thursday. I am not fertile yet. We have four or five more safe days to make love,” she said. That gave Bob a huge feeling of relief. In his mind strangely he felt a small tinge of disappointment.

Niki got up and used the bathroom. She came back and lay on his bed, “God you make a lot of sperm Bob. I should have called you to come in and look. It dripped out of me forever,” she said. He laughed at her words, “There’s more where that came from.” She giggled, “Stop joking and making me laugh, more just leaked out. I want some so I feel it later in my dorm when I go to bed.” Bob smiled, “Just stay here if you want. I don’t mind. We can have breakfast together in the morning.” Niki flushed, “Really. I never spent the night with a guy.” Her pussy started to get damp thinking about being in his bed. “We can make love all night!” she teased. Bob laughed, “I don’t know about that, but we can try.” She giggled again, “Let’s go get lunch. I want to go to the diner and eat. Okay?” In her mind she wanted to let her friends see her with Bob. They all knew she saw him regularly, but it gave her a rush that today she would be full of his cum and not one would know it. In a way she was still a kid he thought as he agreed.

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