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In terms of sheer seductive appeal, it’s hard to think of an item of clothing that’s more enticing than a silk blouse or slip. Sure, ultra-skimpy lingerie has its place, but sometimes you need something to be left to the imagination, and of course there’s also the gorgeous softness of the material itself. Anyway, before I get too carried away, I’ll get typing and let you know what I thought of Satin Silk Fun. Turns out I really rather liked it.

Before I go any further I should point out that you’re going to have to really have a thing for silk to enjoy this site properly. While there is a bit of nudity here (mostly some toplessness in the older galleries), Satin Silk Fun verges on being a non-nude site. Surprisingly I didn’t find myself too bothered by this – it really emphasises the raw sensuality of the lingerie, allowing the girls to tease us without the enjoyable but predictable conclusion of them ending up naked. The action itself is correspondingly softcore, with the girls posing and rolling around on beds.

As the focus is on silk, there isn’t a great variety to the lingerie. For the most part the girls wear relatively conservative slips and matching panties (you can imagine the girls sleeping in this stuff rather than consciously trying to get men salivating, though of course it’s still seriously sexy clothing). Quite often a fan will be on in the set, which blows the silk and the girls’ flowing hair around to highlight the smooth texture of both. The models, most of whom are English I think (another peculiarly Anglocentric fetish, this), are seriously sexy twenty-somethings.


The lustre of the lingerie and the gorgeous skin tones of the models come across well in the pictures, which are particularly crisp 1440-pixel shots. But I found the videos more interesting, despite the gentleness of the action, with the near-high def resolution of 960×540 (for the latest ones) giving a very watchable and detailed picture. There are a few non-explicit girl-girl scenes, though these seem to be fewer and fewer in number. In fact a few of these aren’t even exclusive, bearing the watermark of some of the company’s other sites like Femme Fight.

Updates come three times a week, alternating between picture and video, and there isn’t much to say about the site navigation, with the photo, video and model sections clearly labelled. There is a forum, but it doesn’t seem to be used much. So is Satin Silk Fun worth your hard-earned readies? Well, comparisons with the sensational and equally softcore Only Tease are hard to avoid, but the more targeted niche and high quality video here make it a very attractive prospect all the same.

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