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Perhaps one reason girls agree to pose for nude photos is to attain a certain immortality, knowing that it is the only way they truly will be ‘pretty forever’. Irrespective of whether they’re going to proudly show the grandkids what nana looked like in the buff decades past, it will no doubt give a few old birds pleasure to look back on the erotic sites of today and say ‘that was me – wasn’t I flipping gorgeous’.

Ukraine nude

East European nude art model Malena from Kiev

This is from the same stable as Watch 4 Beauty, Marketa 4 You and so on (do you get a discount on domain names with ‘4’ in them or something?), so I am expecting high technical and artistic standards, plus of course some dazzlingly gorgeous teen models. The girls are mostly young Russians, and they are indeed very attractive. I was slightly surprised to see so many busty girls amongst them, in fact. The photography is of high quality in terms of lighting, model poses, use of setting and so on, though it’s perhaps not as consistently outstanding as at the sister site Watch 4 Beauty. As with W4B, a distinctly artistic style is employed; one of the latest sets, for example, has the model covered in lilac paint, and there are a few monochrome shoots too. In other words, the production has an erotic rather than natural nude emphasis. Top photo resolution is a superlative 4000 or more pixels; 2000 and 1200 pixels versions are also offered, the latter in an uncommon PDF format as well.

Video resolution is also excellent. 1440×1080 is the standard for the latest high def ones (some are 1280×720), and even the older ones come in at DVD resolution. The videos themselves are fairly standard nude/artistic productions, but seeing as the main attraction is the sexy girls frolicking around naked, it’s not hard to enjoy them. The site is somewhat basically presented for an arty effort, but it does the job. As mentioned, download options are excellent, though there aren’t any browsing features apart from the model index. Updates are also a little thin on the ground compared to some of its larger rivals. But this is a welcome addition to the burgeoning market for artistic nude sites, particularly because of the sweet and relatively unseen Russian models and the larger-than-average top video resolution.

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