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Art Nuveau furniture and a shaved babe that pees.

Pee Pee Babes showcases peeing with a real glamour twist – these girls are mostly well known erotic models who feature on a lot on non-peeing sites. Sounds like the sort of thing to float your boat (on a sea of pee perhaps)? Let’s check out the nitty-gritty.

As with other sites from famed produced 21st Sextury, the ‘exclusive content’ section is where the unique-to-this-site stuff is hiding. The content here is not the sort of raw, amateur type peeing that appeals to some – this is more your top-end refined stuff, where the sexiness of the girls on show is part of the appeal. Although the peeing is the focus of the scenes, there is a strong sexual flavour to the action too, including some raunchy posing and masturbation, and plenty of lesbian stuff including kissing, pussy licking and rubbing.

There are a surprisingly large number of girl-girl scenes here, maybe as many as one in three of the whole collection. This adds welcome variety to the action, with the girls peeing on each other, sitting astride each other and peeing, taking it in turns to pee and so on. Often the girls pee on the floor instead of into some form of receptacle (somehow I don’t expect they clean up after themselves), and the locations are quite varied rather than limited to the usual bathroom or outdoor scenes for this niche. That said quite a lot of the action is shout outside, with an unusually large number featuring brightly polished vehicles for some reason.

shaved lesbian

Lesbians licking their shaved vulva and clitoris on a British car hood.

While I was expecting a slightly higher resolution than 1280 pixels, the photos are excellent quality. You also get plenty of images per gallery. The video content is where things get really exciting, however, mainly thanks to an eye-watering new high definition format of 1920×1080. Even a lot of the older updates are still in a slightly lesser high definition, and overall the video options are great, with scenes cut up into downloadable clips in addition to the full-length version, and a streaming version offered too.

Each weekly update features a new video clip and photo gallery, so the content count is increasing steadily. While you’re waiting, I advise you check out the truly enormous network here, which has sites in almost every conceivable niche, most of them offering the same stunning high resolution stuff. By itself, Pee Pee Babes has to rank as a leading peeing site for those who enjoy looking at gorgeous girls as well.

strect that vagina

Urination is not all: close-ups of dildo play are always shown.

Visit erotic site: So sorry, PeePeeBabes has closed its doors.

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