ATK Natural and Hairy

natural vagina

It must be the ambition of every hairy girl to find herself a man (or woman) who likes a lush ‘downstairs carpet’. Instead of putting in all that effort to keep things nice and trim down there, she can just let things take their natural course without fear of complaint. …

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Karup’s Private Collection

naked dog position

Who, you may reasonably ask, needs a million nudie pictures? Who could possibly work their way through that amount of filth over the course of an average human lifetime? Well, quite a few people, if the runaway success of Karup’s Private Collection is considered. As I prepare to delve into …

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ATK Exotics

Over 3,000 models, more than a million and a half images and almost 10,000 videos – if there’s a larger collection of ethnic porn out there, I’d like to see it. Welcome to ATK Exotics, people. ‘Exotics’ here means basically everything apart from white, so principally that means black, Asian …

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The Latina Sex Story

topless Latina

Alex looked at the Salvadorian beauty standing across his den. He had met Violet a few years back at a block party in their neighborhood. She was a good kid and a go getter, that and she had all the boys and men in the area sniffing at her butt …

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Session with Nikki

Latina ass

Niki showed up at Bob’s apartment just after nine in the morning. A ritual of sorts had developed between them…sex. Bob was a thirty year old self-employed computer type and she was a freshman in the local college. They met the previous fall at a ball game and became fast …

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Should I have Fun?

bikini Miramar

As it turned out, Greg ended up on the Atlantic crossing to London and Copenhagen. He was pleased to see Patricia assigned as an attendant on his trips. For nine days they shuttled across the ocean daily. On downtime the dirty blonde and he enjoyed dinner and drinks during their …

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Alyssa Sex Diary Part 2

Costa Rica Stripper

Alyssa sucked the last of his cum into her mouth and swallowed. Luis gently pushed her head away, “I need to rest. He is just way to sensitive right now sweetheart,” he said. She kissed the head of his still pretty hard cock making him jerk. A small bit of …

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Sex Diary from Last Night

jeans strip

Alyssa sat on her bed reading her diary. It was a long weekend and she was stuck on campus. Three of her housemates had gone home for an early Thanksgiving five day break, including the girl that shared a room with her. The big off campus house she was renting …

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More Neighbor Sex

red bra

John watched as she lay back on the bed. Never did he imagine he would fuck her on his old bed. Deb looked hard at him and opened her legs. “Go inside me John,” she said weakly. He knelt between her legs shaking and rubbed the head of his cock …

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Being Good Neighbors 1

lesbian soap

All through the summer, the two neighbors had innocently flirted. In the housing development they lived in the residents frequently had group cook outs or just small gatherings on each others patios to enjoy the evenings. Debbie lived on one end of the townhouse grouping with her husband Robert and …

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