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I sometimes wonder how porn producers decide which models get the privilege of having their own site. Presumably they base it on user feedback and their own instinct as to which girls are the most sexy and professional. In the case of Only Carla the choice must have been staggeringly easy. Carla is a petite English brunette who has always been one of the standout models at the amazing Only Tease, so it was ‘only’ (apologies) a matter of time before she got her own site.

nice bottom

Carla is a spiffy lingerie model who many executives dream about having working for them as a secretary.

Only Tease are the past masters at the softcore tease game of course, and they show just as much skill and imagination in Carla’s solo productions. Almost every set seems to feature a different theme, so we get to see her in an incredible range of different outfits. Photographic standards are predictably high, with a great resolution and warm tones adopted. The ‘tease’ element is just as strong here as on the company’s other sites, so Carla stays dressed for most of the shoots before peeling away her top. Occasionally she gets fully naked, but even then she tends (tantalisingly) to cover up her most intimate areas.

The videos are approximately 5 minutes long, and usually contain a bit of chat (when a blasted dance soundtrack isn’t assaulting your eardrums) before Carla sultrily undresses. Occasionally she gets one of the other Only Tease girls to join her. Video updates seem to have dried up a little of late, but you’ll still get about 3 per month, which is reasonable, though as with the other ‘Only’ sites video quality is merely good rather than spectacular.

Interactive elements are important on a solo site, and Carla certainly makes an effort on this score. She participates in almost all of the forum threads, and there are frequent written posts in the main members area detailing what she’s up to both professionally and away from the day job. Her site is nicely designed thanks to the professional backing she’s got, though the supremely detailed search engine featured on Only Tease is simplified considerably for the purposes of this smaller site.


Full nudity is happening, however in a concealed way. Wink, wink: Hand bra

Though my borderline worship of Carla might affect my judgment to a degree, I can honestly say that you couldn’t really ask for much more from a solo softcore site. Carla is a confident, sexy young woman, and if you can handle the fact that there isn’t anything sexual going on here you’ll find her private collection a complete delight.

Website: (last update 2009)

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