Nude Beach House

Nude Beach House adopts the straightforward reality idea of a group of young girls staying in a beach house, where they are free to relax and play with each other to their heart’s content. The added twist here is that there’s actually quite a bit of boy-girl hardcore action– this is definitely the sort of beach house you’d happily visit if you were one of the lucky dudes screwing these chicks. The stars are cute American girls, and they look pretty young too – barely into their twenties, if not younger.

The scenes are a mixture of everyday fun (showering, barbeques, and so on) and sex action. I like the way many of the scenes incorporate a variety of action, so you’ll see the girls relaxing naked in the jacuzzi, and then it will switch to the girls licking each others’ pussies or a group sex scene with the very willing guys. The girl-on-girl stuff takes place either in the bedroom or on the private terrace area; in fact quite a lot of the footage is shot outdoors. To my eyes there were two standout scenes – one in which the girls shower, change and then sunbathe outside naked, and one in which they play naked spin the bottle with four dudes before giving them all blowjobs.

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The pictures are good quality (though resolution is only average at 1024 pixels), but the main attraction here is obviously the high definition video collection. All of the scenes are in high def, and it’s a good if not amazing technical standard for HD content. A smaller streaming version is offered, but the only download option is the higher resolution one.

The biggest issue with this site is its size – only ten scenes to date, and no updates to speak of for quite a while. For that reason the mammoth Reality Gang network of which this site is part is where you’ll really get value from the membership. The network presently offers over 1,500 scenes, so Nude Beach House is really only a starting point. If the network doesn’t appeal, for my money this sort of idea is exploited far better by Als Scan, which has the further advantage of being a much, much bigger site.

Overall, Nude Beach House has some nice content, and it’s exciting as far as it goes, but unfortunately it won’t take you long to exhaust it, and then you’re reliant on finding something else in the network to get your money’s worth.

Visit erotic beach site: Sorry, the site is closed.

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