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Nitro Video is one of the oldest celebrity video sites around, but has recently undergone a fairly radical facelift by replacing its increasingly tired appearance and navigational system with a totally refreshed design. What with a significant improvement in browsing features and the addition of a large number of different video formats as well, it looks like this site means business.

Thanks to the antiquity of the site, the video archive is pretty massive, now offering clips from getting on for 4,000 movies. Most of the usual faces are present and correct, and there is an excellent collection in particular of softcore TV shows like Bedtime Stories and Compromising Situations in addition to a lot of the nudie flicks from the 60s and 70s. In other words, there’s plenty of celebrity skin to see here. Actresses can be browsed alphabetically by letter, but there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent feature for the movies themselves, so you’re limited to using the search engine if you don’t want to navigate through page after page of movies. Searching can be done by photo or video only, which is handy, though the keyword filter is currently empty (one assumes this is still in development). Members can also browse by date of update or popularity.

The site formerly offered videos only in MPEG format, which looked good despite the small resolution. These have now been encoded in a wide range of additional formats, though the dimensions cannot be improved of course so expect no better than 480×360 resolution on average (though the good bit-rate permits relatively expansive upwards resizing before heavy pixelation kicks in, and quite a few of the newer clips are at DVD resolution). An unusual navigational nicety is that the preview thumbnails display at the resolution of the video itself, which avoids the needs for second-guessing how big the downloaded clip will be.

The site does have photo content, though as with most predominantly video archives this is less impressive and consists mostly of galleries of vidcaps taken from the movies. That said, the site takes the pictures seriously enough to have added a slideshow feature, one of several efforts made to aid browsing (I especially like the calendar, which shows you which movies were added on each date and brings up a preview image when you scroll over the name). So although Nitro Video doesn’t quite have all the answers when it comes to nude celebrity videos, the large archive and plentiful browser features definitely make this a site to be reckoned with.

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