Night of Rescue

Kay kissed Denny deeply as she lay on her bed. “Stay with me tonight Denny,” she almost begged. He had come to her rescue earlier this evening. Since her separation from her husband a few months ago, she had picked up a part time job dancing for bachelor parties. It was not nude or sexual, just dancing. Tonight it got out of hand and she panicked calling Denny for help. He raced to where she was and after kicking some ass, took her home shaken but safe.

Denny was her brother-in-law. He had married her sister four years ago before he got out of the M


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arines. Kay had been the Maid of Honor at their wedding. He and her sister, Marie, had a pretty rocky marriage. Marie had cheated on Denny while he was overseas. They were still together, but it was pretty well over. Kay and Denny grew closer watching out for each other. Tonight, after rescuing her from a mob of drunk horny guys, they bonded even closer. It was inevitable to happen and now they were on her bed at her place. She was still dressed in her costume from the party. Kay lay on the bed as the pent up desire spilled out between them. Denny in a feverish mode licked and kissed all over her face and neck. His mouth trailed down her shoulder and chest. Shivers of pleasure racked Kay’s body. Romance before sex was not in the mix for this night. They both wanted each other and intended to make it happen. Denny’s cock was like steel as he tasted Kay’s body. For too long he had wanted to make love to her. She looked a bit cheap in the outfit, but he knew inside she was a wonderful girl. “Oh my God,” Kay gasped as he kissed her inner thigh. “Make love to me Denny,” she said gently stroking his head. Shocks of intense energy flooded her totally. He didn’t speak, but told her he wanted her with his actions. Kay’s sex was soaked in anticipation of his cock slipping deep into her pussy. She had not had sex in over six months and sorely wanted it. But she wanted it with someone who cared. Her ex just fucked her to get off. Now she had Denny savoring her female body completely. His lips and fingers were spiraling her to heights she had not known before. Denny had left the service a few months ago. He was trying to get his shit together, this night was certainly helping his mind. “God Kay, you are so warm and soft,” he said sighing as he pulled her top off her breasts. She watched intensely as his tongue glanced over her left nipple. Spikes of sensation ran though her body. She felt her vagina clench waiting for his attention. Denny was filled with sexual excitement. The tension he projected charged Kay more. Her trim figure and dark hair was capturing. He could not wait to have her impaled on his cock. But first he wanted to enjoy all of her soft body and give her pleasure.

Kay sighed hard as he pulled off her top. Denny could smell her desire in his nose and almost started to rush to mate with her. She leaned up as he sucked her right nipple firmly into his mouth, “Oh… suck it… harder!” she moaned. Her tits were larger and firmer than Marie’s. “You have beautiful breasts,” he said softly enjoying the twin mounds jutting from her chest in front of his face. Her body quaked slightly hearing Denny saying this. She pulled his face to her once again and locked her mouth to his. Kay probed deeply tasting him. He did not have the alcohol and tobacco flavor her ex had nearly every time he had sex with her. He kissed her hard back and cupped his hand between her legs. She willingly parted them for his touch. “Take them off,” she sighed now gasping in lust. Denny leaned up and tugged her panties off. Kay raised her hips slightly to let him free her womanhood to his eyes. He leaned closer to her belly and sucked on her soft flesh. “Yeah, ahh. Yeah,” she murmured softly as sparks tore though her being. Passion was controlling Denny as he looked at her naked form on the bed. Her black boots and stocking kind of excited him. “Can we leave those on Kay?” he asked in a husky aroused tone. “Uh huh,” she sighed back. In a strange way it excited her thinking of making love to him with the boots on. It took the pain out of what one guy had said at the party before she called Denny. They wanted to gang fuck her naked except in her boots.

One erotic dream of Kay: smothering with big breasts

One erotic dream of Kay: smothering with big breasts

Kay’s mind jerked back from her thoughts as she felt his fingers tenderly wander over her pussy. “Ohh!” she gasped as he kissed the soft skin just above her clit. She cupped her breasts and sat up slightly watching Denny’s mouth trailing around her pussy. He teased her intentionally not moving to where she wanted his lips. Kay’s hips bucked up and down. His fingers and mouth moved close to her sex. He wanted to build her to a heated state before pleasing her. It was driving her crazy, but she loved it. Sweat began to coat Kay’s body as she heaved her hips up to Denny’s face. She wanted his mouth on her pussy so bad now. “Uh, God!” she moaned jerking to the teasing he was giving. He knew she was completely excited, but wanted to make her cum hard. Gently he finally used his lips to tug on her swollen clit. “Ohhh!” Kay cried out stiffening on the bed. Her nails dug into the sheets. Denny slowly pushed one finger into her pussy. “Ohhh… God! Damn!” she howled loudly arching her back. “You’re making me cum!” she called out as her body flushed and jerked hard. Wave after wave of jolts blanked Kay’s mind as she rode the wake of her cum. His teasing and play had pulled her to a major orgasm. “Uhnnn… shit… Ohhh!” she called out hard as her whole body stiffened. Kay’s mind wanted him to stop now, but her body drew from the feeling she felt deep in her belly. Denny pressed another finger into her dripping pussy and curled them slightly seeking the one spot he knew was there. She was still shaking as the second flood of pleasure raced up her belly to her brain. “Oh Jesus… God!” she cried out seizing in a rapid fire second huge orgasm. By now Kay was totally his. Her body was soaked in perspiration and shaking out of control. Never in her life had she felt so good having sex. Deep in her cum confused mind she tried to imagine how it would feel when he pushed his cock in her pussy. Kay’s heart was hammering against her chest walls.

Forcing herself, she looked up at Denny. Her shaking hand tugged at his shirt, “I need you naked with me please.” Gently stroking her quaking pussy he leaned back and finished undressing. Kay watched gasping as he dropped his pants. A smile crossed her lips seeing his cock. It was stiff and hard. His dick looked just right for her pussy. She knew he was horny seeing all the slimy juices dripping off the head. Kay needed to taste it. “Lay down with me Denny,” she said still gasping and wanting to suck him. Denny laid back and Kay immediately leaned down to his crotch. It did not matter if she was still exhausted from the cums he had just given her. She wanted his cock. He grabbed her hair groaning loud as she slammed her face on his dick. Kay loved the taste of his shaft and the oozing juices that coated her tongue. Denny’s cock was rock hard. Her mouth felt hot and wet as she pumped her head up and down on his cock. A few times in his shower he had imagined seeing Kay sucking him off as he jacked himself. Almost guilty, he remembered the last time he had sex with his wife. Kay had came over for the night after a fight with her husband and was sleeping in the next room. Denny fucked Marie pretending it was Kay. That night he came really hard. Kay forced him to clench his teeth to fight shooting in her mouth. With one last deep pump nearly swallowing him she pulled off and laid beside him. “”Go inside me Denny,” she said begging. He shifted around and pushed the rubbery hard head of his cock against her pussy. In one hard thrust he jammed himself deep in Kay. “Ohhhh!” she moaned loud. His cock felt so wonderful filling her cunt. Denny just winced feeling her pussy walls hugging his dick. He pushed deeper making Kay grunt hard. Her pussy was so tight. The last thing on his mind was Marie or anything now. He had to just have Kay.

“God fuck me Denny,” she called out as he began to pump his hips to her from the side. His whole being lived in the head of his cock now. Kay felt so great holding him deep in her pussy. She was very wet and tight as he pumped in and out slowly. Deep inside of Kay’s mind, she loved the feeling of his penis pushing her intimate parts aside with each thrust. She grimaced a few times as he pounded really deep into her body. Vaguely in the haze filling her mind she could feel his juices leaking. Denny had not cum, but his body was so excited it kept draining more of his precum into her. In a state of ecstasy Kay just gave in to her feelings. He continued pumping deep to her and then rolled her on her back. Denny pulled her legs high and drove into her, “Oh my God!” she groaned as his cock completely filled her pussy. The head of his cock was almost tearing her wide open. It felt so good feeling her pussy being taken so hard. She could almost feel his cock in her chest. “Oh! Denny you are filling me up so much,” she said gasping. He pressed more against her upheld legs making her roll her eyes back and hips jerk. Kay was no rookie to having a cock deep in her belly, but this was so different. She could feel every ridge of his dick pushed into her depths. Her mind was like jello as she fought to relax. Denny felt her insides open more to his cock. His cock jerked one time dumping some his juices into her a little. Kay smiled at him feeling the single pulse. “Just hold still a second honey,” she said gripping his arms. She wanted to feel him cum, but not yet. Denny strained to get control. His balls were so tight. He wanted to cum, but not yet. This moment was one he and Kay wanted to last for a long time. Denny stayed frozen for twenty or thirty seconds. Kay could feel the pent up tension in his body and rolled her hips upward to his. “Let go baby. Let it go. I want it,” she said softly. He pressed deeply into her with a slapping noise. His balls smacked against her ass sharply. Denny started long deliberate strokes into Kay, each landing hard against her pubic bone, she grunted in pleasure.

leg scissors

A little bit muffy, but her swollen lips between leg scissors taste sweet like honey

Both of their minds were numbed from the sparks flowing through them. Kay’s pussy began to tremble on his hard shaft as he drove it home into her depths. “Cum with me Denny,” she barely spoke as her insides drew tight. The head of his cock was beyond imagination in the pleasure her inner folds were giving it. He was in his own little space now ruled by the feelings raging in his loins. “Ugh…Shit…” he started to groan with each powerful penetration into Kay. Kay’s body began to shake against his. Her vagina pulsed on his cock and she rolled her hips upward sharply. “Give it to me… Give me…” she squealed almost painfully. Denny’s mind filled with stars as his balls pulled tight. Sharply he drove deep into her one last time as his sperm rushed up his shaft and were propelled deep into Kay. “Ohhhhh!” she gushed feeling his hot cream spattering deep in her pussy. Then there was a second and third spurt. Denny’s face twisted as his hips shook hard against hers. His whole self was centered around the small opening in his penis that was spraying his seed into her. Kay’s mind focused on the feeling of his hot semen gushing into her pussy. She held her hips up and pulled back on her legs to give him deeper access to her womb. The union was nearly complete as his sixth and seventh strong injection shot deep into her. A warm wad accumulated deep inside Kay. The feeling was wonderful. Denny jerked a few last times and leaned upwards. He looked at her shaking body now full of his sperm and smiled softly. Both were gasping in the after effects of orgasm. Gentle trickles of sweat dripped on Kay’s belly from Denny’s forehead. She slowly let her body relax still dimpled on his cock. A small stream of his hot cream began to dribble out around his shrinking dick.

His body dropped back onto Kay’s as their mouths joined in a deep kiss. It had been a long time since either of them had made love this intensely. They both knew it would not be the last time they made love. Kay stroked Denny’s sides as she sucked hard on his mouth. He could feel her leather boots sticking to his sweaty sides as he lay hard on her warm damp body. Kay could feel his cock shrinking inside. As their minds cleared, they stared into each others eyes. Denny brushed Kay’s face and smiled, “You are incredible,” he sighed. She giggled softly and more of his cum drained out and down over her ass. The start of a cramp began in Denny’s lower back from the somewhat awkward position he was laying over her. He slowly sat back on his legs. As his cock popped free of her confines, he looked at the stream of his white sperm leak out. “Oh shit! I came inside you Kay,” he said now fully aware of what just happened. “I know. It’s okay,” she said looking at his seed puddling on her sheets. They both knew she was not using any protection. “But..” he started to say as Kay hushed him. “It’s okay Denny. Really,” she soothed his nerves. His concern was he may have impregnated her. “What if? Uh..” he said still looking at the rope of cum streaming from her onto her bed. Kay looked at his cream leaking from between her legs, “Denny, if I wanted anyone to fill me with their sperm, it is you,” she said. They looked at each other and a feeling of comfort over took the situation, “Lay down with me. Stay tonight. I want us to do this again,” she whispered softly patting the sheet beside her. Denny leaned down and kissed her. He cradled her body into his and relaxed. The worry was gone now and he felt like one with Kay.

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