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Breasts are without doubt nature’s finest creation. And as with all things nature is kinder to some people than others. And when nature is really kind, you end up with the sort of melons sported by the women at Nature Breasts. Honestly, though, this isn’t a big boobs site. No, this is a MASSIVE boobs site – these ladies have knockers for which the words ‘whoppers’, ‘hangers’ and other mildly offensive but perfectly descriptive terms were invented.

At the moment the site features about 20 models, which isn’t a great number, but then there must be a limited amount of ladies out there with such extraordinary, ahem, assets. Quite a few of the models are on the more mature side, which isn’t uncommon in a big tits site.

The content is ultra-softcore in style – the ladies play around with their boobs a lot, suck them, shove them in the camera, and so on, and there usually isn’t much more to it than that. In fact there isn’t even any full frontal nudity on the site. There is good variety to the locations, including some countryside shoots, and everything is appropriately boob orientated (so if they’re doing housework they’ll make their boobs all soapy, if they’re in a pool-hall they’ll write their huge jugs around a pool cue etc).

Photo quality is excellent for the latest sets, going up to 3000 pixels and very sharply shot too. If you want breasts that fill a computer screen just by themselves, this is the place. However, Nature Breasts is mainly a video site these days, as movie updates outnumber photo ones by about two to one. Video quality isn’t quite as top notch – the clips are in either Windows or MPEG format, usually about DVD resolution and slightly blurry despite the excellent bitrate. Some of the video footage looks rather old – in fact I’d be surprised if much of this content is recent, though there is rather a lot of it. The site has a basic, narrow design, with a minimum of bells and whistles. It’s not an especially complicated affair all told, really, but with access to the whole Jug Ticket network included you’ll get eight more sites full of enormous titties for your hard-earned.

Visit: Nature Breasts

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