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Mystique Magazine claims to showcase ‘women you could spend your life with’. Now if only this site would tell me exactly how I could go about getting one of these uber-babes to dedicate herself to my every whim for time immemorial, that would be something (the prospect of waking up every morning next to Aria Giovanni – yes please). As it is, we’ll have to make do with simply admiring the naked beauty of these lovelies, and let me tell you that’s something pretty exciting too.

There are well over a hundred models to enjoy, and they are some of the sexiest ladies on Earth, including Aimee Sweet, Sunny Leone, Erin Nicole, and many, many more (basically all of the ultra-popular American and European glamour models). Unlike many glamour sites, a fair bit of information about the models is provided, including reasonably detailed biographies, lots of stats, and even some audio interviews. The sophisticated model filtering tool, with filters including hair colour, cup size, height, nationality, and more, will get you exactly where you need to be.

Luana Lani

Import model Luana Lani in one of her most sensual portraits. Adorably nice!

This is a professional setup, and the photography is correspondingly sharp and gorgeous-looking. Resolution is impressively large at 3000 pixels for the latest sets, and several smaller options are also offered. The videos are classically softcore in style – with gentle music and the naked model looking totally gorgeous on a tropical beach or some such, you know the thing. Video resolution is 640×480 in various formats, and a smaller resolution download is offered her too.

The design looks a little dated, but browsing options are good, with several ways of enjoying the photos in particular, including a specialist photo viewer, slideshow feature and ZIP file option. The only real criticism you could level at the site is what appears to be a lack of recent updates. The somewhat unusual pricing structure is also likely to be a concern for some: instead of paying a monthly fee for all-in access, you pay about 30 dollars for 50 ‘credits’. Each collection (usually a gallery and maybe one or two videos) sets you back between 3 and 5 credits. As such, this is probably only going to be a feasible option if you’re interested in only a few of the girls – bulk downloaders are going to have a distinctly wallet-emptying experience if they want to see a lot of this.

Jessa Peters

Jessa Peters

Mystique Magazine does offer some very enjoyable content here, and there’s no denying the quality of the models, but the pricing arrangement and lack of updates does make me a little uneasy. And of course the longer the site goes without adding new content or making technical improvements, the more it’s going to fall behind in the rapidly evolving market for adult online entertainment.


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