My Lesbian Secret

The idea here is that two delectable young ladies called Mandy and Janessa are in the business of revealing other ladies’ ‘lesbian secret’, namely that, although they’re ostensibly straight, they’re actually gagging for some raunchy girl-on-girl action. This is a nice premise irrespective of whether the models are in fact labouring under this life-altering misapprehension.

Most of the videos – and there are only 18 so far at the time of writing – feature Mandy rather than Janessa. The (indoor) locations are great, the girls are great, and the sex is pretty great too, with lots of dildo and strap-on action in there. All of the girls really seem to get into the scenes, which is good to see, at least playing the part convincingly of women whose inherent lesbo tendencies have been repressed for oh so long. The single interracial scene with a nice looking girl called Ashley caught my eye particularly.

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Refreshingly the videos look recently shot, reflected in the sharp high definition (1280×720) resolution picture. Both Windows and Quicktime formats are offered for the high def videos, so Mac users are nicely catered for. A slightly smaller Windows version (but still large in terms of file size) and an excellent iPod version round out the video options. A new episode is added every week, meaning the collection should grow to a more impressive size soon enough.

Navigation isn’t the most transparent, but essentially the ‘HD episodes’ and ‘archive’ section both take you to all the photo and video content there is. There are plenty of bonus DVDs and four high def bonus sites (all boy-girl) to enjoy too, making this a reasonable package overall, though less so if you’re interested only in the lesbian scenes.

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Sorry folks, but the site is no longer available and the traffic is being redirected to another commercial offer that is not related.

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