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My Cute Asian promises authentically amateur naked Asians in a mixture of softcore and hardcore action. There is an enjoyable variety to the content, and there’s even some ostensibly voyeur stuff thrown into the soup here. The girls are a welcome mix of Asian nationalities, pretty much in proportion to the size of their countries’ respective populations. The vast majority of them are in their twenties, and most of them are cute and slim built.

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The content all has a ‘proper’ amateur feel to it, though there is more of the aforementioned variety in the picture section than in the movies, the latter of which are mostly hardcore. There are a sensational number of galleries offered here, actually, and with two more being added every day the collection is growing very rapidly. Picture quality is very variable, which is par for the course with user-submitted material of course (and I’m fairly convinced a good wodge of the images are user-submitted). Though such is the Asian obsession with high-spec technology you do sometimes wish more care was taken over some of the less stellar images. The videos are far less frequently updated, and the collection here is considerably smaller. Some of the clips are very short, others go on for an hour or longer; it’s quite a nice mishmash of stuff really. Unfortunately there is no choice of video resolution – you either get a nice-looking 624×416 resolution AVI clip (what they call ‘hi-res’) or an appreciably smaller MPEG format, though this is usually still watchable (for amateur content). Helpfully plenty of preview thumbnails are provided for each clip.

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My Cute Asian is clearly one of the biggest collections of amateur Asian porn on the net, and besides the small concerns about quality – which is perfectly normal for this niche – the only obvious omission is some sort of search feature to navigate through the swathes of content. That aside, we have heard of many complaints from models and photographers who have never allowed them to use their nude photos. I am not sure if that site is worth any money since they don’t pay their models anything.


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