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Mr Skin is one of the oldest and most famous celebrity sites on the internet. Such is its profile, I wouldn’t be surprised if the members of this site outnumber the rest of the celeb sites put together. What sets Mr Skin apart from its rivals is the amount of material they have built up around the (very large) central image and video archives, and your attitude to this site will pretty much depend on how far that appeals.

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A. Jolie on a publicity shot published on this celeb site

It’s a big operation, this, and I get the impression they ‘clip’ all of the scenes themselves. The site is overflowing with information both about the nude scenes (celeb involved, amount of nudity, length, time it occurs in the film) and the celebs and movies themselves. There are also lots of articles, including the daily ‘this date in Skinstory’ feature, celebrating the anniversaries of notorious moments in famous skin exposure, together with weekly ‘top 10s’, interviews and other news items connected to stars shedding their clothes. It’s a much more rounded and involving production than the simple clip sites.

Not that this means any less effort is provided in sourcing the nude celeb content. On the contrary, there are more than 50,000 nude clips to download, from a bewildering range of English-language and international movies. The site has information about many more additional movies containing nudity which they promise to provide clips for in the future. The site focuses on ‘proper’ cinema – there is some stock softcore content, but this isn’t a real feature of this site. Mr Skin has also added some celebrity sex tape scenes relatively recently, some of which they proclaim to offer exclusively. A large picture archive is also provided, though many of the images are vidcaps.

The site has taken large (and necessary) strides over the years to improve the quality of the clips. Most are now offered close to their best-available format (640×360 for DVD movies, 1280×720 for clips sourced from high definition (Blu-ray) releases). There is a fair amount of high def content, actually, but obviously all celeb sites are limited by the relative paucity of Blu-ray releases compared to DVD. All videos open by default in a streaming window, which then provides an option to download. I personally found the absence of direct download links a little annoying, but streaming is de rigueur these days, so I expect I’m in the minority.

The search function is a real feature of the site. You can search by actress or movie, and there are an impressive array of criteria, including nudity level (actress or movie), body type, ethnicity, hair colour, breast size, movie genre, keyword and more, plus any combination of these. Helpfully you can also narrow the content down to just those movies which just clips or pics. Browsing features are pretty good, too: holding the mouse over vidcaps gives you a rotating preview and synopsis of the scene together with a star rating for the amount of nudity, and the members home page alerts you to content that has been added since you last login.

So if you like the idea of ‘value added’ in a celeb site, this is the place to come. This is the professional, glossy mag form of nude celeb site, and it’s clearly a formula that is working very nicely for them. Even if you’re here just for the clips, you’ll not be disappointed, especially as the site maintains a respectable update rate of about ten new clips every day. In essence, Mr Skin comes close to being all things to all men when it comes to celebs not wearing any clothes.

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