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Such is the scale of the incomparable Met Art that it’s a little surprising to see they also offer this smaller subsidiary site, which appears to be modelled almost entirely on its big brother. Partly because of that, the exact purpose of Met Models is difficult to divine, though anything which successfully replicates the outstanding content found on Met Art is not to be dismissed lightly.

Thankfully no compromises are made in terms of the quality of the photos. Although there isn’t the variety you’d find at Met Art, and though there is perhaps a little less style to the photos overall, top resolution is the same at between 3000 and 4300 pixels. The range of photographers is fairly broad, but sometimes the work of the same photographer will be featured several days in succession. And with daily updates the growth of the collection is comparable to plenty of other top level artistic nude sites. However, things look a little less sparkling in terms of the videos, which are pretty much an afterthought. At the date of review, only ten scenes have been added in the last three years, and none for over six months. However, there are a few excellent looking high definition clips in that small collection.

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The model index is a little baffling, since the 60 models contained in the ‘global top models’ are also to be found in the ‘non-rated models’ section, which lists all the girls on the site (unfortunately, with no preview images). And while I’m not convinced the names given to the models are consistent across this site and the main Met production, there can certainly be no quibbles about the girls themselves, almost all of whom are wonderfully gorgeous. Met Art has a style to it that many sites have tried to emulate, often unsuccessfully, so it’s good to see that the same mesmerising girls and effortless artistry are in evidence at Met Models. But realistically it’s not obvious why you might favour this site over it’s far more resplendent sibling, unless you were totally disinterested in videos and wanted to save a few dollars. Nonetheless the Met Art quality shines through and you’re left with a very high quality, rapidly updated collection of beautiful teen models.

Met Models has changed names, sorry. Now, it is called “Erotic Beauty”.

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