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It’s surprising how far you can come in a relatively short space of time. Despite being online for only about four years, MC Nudes is now one of the most well known glamour sites on the net. Of course, with drop-dead gorgeous models, thousands of high resolution images and hundreds of high definition videos, you’re always going to stand a chance of success. Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

Silvie Luca

Photo shooting inside old, historic walls of Prague mansion in Vinohrady.

Like most top-end nude sites, the best photo resolution is increasing at a rapid rate of knots. Some galleries now go up to 5000 pixels, but 4000 pixels is the norm for the latest sets (earlier ones are between 1000 and 3000 pixels). There can be some graininess at the higher resolution, pretty usual at that level, but in general I have no complaints about the standard of the photography. The girls are naked throughout, so the relatively small gallery sizes – usually about 30 pictures – are appropriate to avoid needless near-duplication of images. Thanks to their impressive update level of two new clips every week, the video collection is also very sizeable, and almost all of it is available in high definition. The style is much less restrained than you would see on the more artistic sites out there like Met Art and Femjoy. There is plenty of explicit posing, and the numerous girl-girl videos involve lots of erotic touching just about falling short of the lighter end of hardcore. Quite a few of the latest videos have a fuzzy orange glow to them which might be an acquired taste, but it really doesn’t get much better than this for softcore video clips.

The models are mostly well-known ones from Europe, and they are certainly a pretty lot. The site is fairly reliant on a core of their most popular girls, and the site stats indicate that each model has an average of about 400 images which is quite a lot given the smallish size of most sets. Nonetheless this is as beautiful a collection of models as you will see on any site. Browsing features are generally excellent too, and I particularly like the way images can be dragged with the pointer, eliminating the need for the cumbersome scroll bars. Clicking anywhere on a picture takes you back to the gallery, which is a neat solution once you’re mentally attuned to doing it. MC Nudes is therefore not a site cast in exactly the same mold as Femjoy, Hegre Art and so on. The videos in particular have an erotic and explicit edge which is lacking on those sites, for better or worse. The size and quality of the video collection is particularly outstanding in fact. In this and many other respects MC Nudes is setting the standard for glamour content.

Homepage: Sad news, mc-nudes com has gone offline.


Many Czech erotic model like Dominika show up in tasteful, sensous but frontal nudity on Femjoy.

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