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No surprise: Matt’s Models is operated by a dude called Matt who has something of a cult status amongst amateur nude shooters. He openly admits his life is a crazy ride of music, surfing, alcohol and photogenic naked girls. His talent portal is one of the oldest and most famous American productions, online. He has shot over 900 models in the first 8 years alone, so if your entirely justified envy of the man doesn’t prevent from forking out to see them, this looks like it could well be worth inspection.


Hottie Lena alone at home with photographer Matt.

Most of the big names in softcore have had the Matt treatment, usually before they became internet regulars, but there are also a large number of girls who called it a day after the Matt’s Models shoot or who have worked in the biz only sporadically since. His work has a definite amateur feel, with the video in particular taking a very loose and unscripted approach – almost as if the girl wandered in off the streets five minutes previously and Matt had his video camera (and silver tongue) to hand. It’s not for those who like things glammed up and overproduced, in other words.

Most of the shoots are of just the one girl, with a particularly large number of interview / audition scenes where Matt chats to the girl and then gets her to undress. There is plenty of footage that is more sexual in nature, however, mostly featuring masturbation, though there is a limited amount of hardcore boy-girl and lesbian clips as well. Some behind the scenes stuff and the occasional live shoot (a feed which is available free to both members and non-members) round off the video content, but I felt the interview scenes were the most enjoyable, especially as you sense the frisson of excitement as the girl takes off her clothes for the first time in front of a camera.

Videos uploaded before 2006 are quite poor in terms of technical quality; the latest ones are much better but there is still room for improvement. Windows and Quicktime formats are offered. The picture content, of which there is a great deal, has also seen recent improvements in quality, with the latest pictures offered at resolutions up to 2000 pixels, enough to fill most people’s monitors for sure.


Another private amateur at home. Delicious views.

The level of updating is best described as merely steady, presumably because Matt handles all or most of it himself. You usually get sets of the same girl a few days in a row, followed by a gap of a few days before another new model appears. But with an archive of over 1,000 videos and getting on for a quarter of a million photos, don’t expect to be done with this site in one evening. Navigation options are good, and I was quite amused to see that the model directory is viewable by breasts as well as face! So in terms of the amount of girls and the style of the work I was pretty staggered by Matt’s site, and I’d be surprised if you weren’t as well.

One of the cutest models in the vault of Matt's site.

One of the cutest models in the vault of Matt’s site.

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