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Marketa 4 You is the official site of stunning Czech model Marketa Belonoha, who is the star attraction on every porn site in the world. Even the gay ones. I jest, of course, but this is one seriously popular girl. So how to describe her? She’s a gorgeous ice maiden, with a sensational body, perky medium-sized boobs and a smile that switches from curiously stern to captivatingly sweet in the blink of an eye. I hereby disclaim all responsibility for her taking over your life. It could happen.

Marketa Belonoha

Perfectly shaped from all bare angles.

Her site is backed by the people who also bring us the exquisite Watch 4 Beauty and Pretty 4 Ever. It’s been online since December 2005, so there’s plenty of Marketa to see here. The photos are particularly superb, comprising a mixture of studio-based stuff and glamorous outdoor work, though about one in ten of the shoots feature another girl. I found this about right, since it broke up the non-stop Marketa stuff nicely, plus the other models are also gorgeous European girls who almost rival the main draw herself for looks. Resolution is also highly impressive at 5000 pixels. Some of the images can be scanned on Marketa Belonoha’s tumblr.

Public locations are frequently used for the shoots, including an airstrip, open countryside, fields of crops and the coast. These spots are certainly appropriately picturesque (well, the airstrip excluded) for such an attractive model. Some of the work is quite ‘arty’, but this doesn’t get overplayed since what we really want to see is quite simply Marketa with no clothes on, after all. When she does dress up, she seems to be a fan of the crop-top / panties combo, which does look sublime on her it has to be said, gently covering her perfect breasts but exposing most of her incredibly slender legs. She doesn’t disrobe especially quickly in most of the shoots, in fact, which adds an element of tease to the proceedings. Less of an effort is made in terms of the video collection, which is still quite small. At the time of writing there have been no video updates since February, which is very disappointing. The clips themselves look fine, especially the handful that are in high definition, but I found the soundtrack a bit obtrusive and there’s really nothing here that you wouldn’t find on dozens of other high def nude sites featuring this girl.

Marketa’s site benefits from a clear, simple layout. Navigation is straightforward, though having to click through two pages to get to the download links for the videos is excessive. The main content is bulked by diary and interviews sections, along with a forum with which Marketa does get involved (basically by thanking people for their nice comments). Although you’ll see plenty of Marketa elsewhere on the net, this is the biggest and most personal collection of hers you’ll find. Add in the excellent quality and you’ve got yourself one hot girl with one hot site.

Visit: Marketa 4 You

Always natural and smiling. The camera loves her.

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