Lesbian Chunky Chicks

Man oh man there’s a lot of female flesh here. I suppose if you really want to increase the girlie flab quotient at a porn site, the best way is to get a load of lezzers on board so you can have wall-to-wall waddling women. Lesbian Chunky Chicks is where it’s at for corpulent muff-divers, folks, and if I’m not much mistaken that will mean plenty of hefty hooters to wrap your eyeballs around too.

black vagina play

Girls of color provide ethnic meat

A quick look reveals that the girls range in size considerably. Some might hit you quite hard if you called them chunky, others might sulk for a bit before admitting the veracity of your observation. Despite their size, most manage to be conventionally attractive in one way or another (apologies, I’m not in an especially politically correct mood today), though a few could only be called dog ugly whichever angle you had the misfortune of looking at them from. If you get the feeling I’m prevaricating about talking about the content, you’re spot on, since it’s pretty dismal. The video quality especially is nothing short of horrible, with a lack of clarity and colour (unless you like footage that’s almost entirely red) that’s almost unheard of these days. The sex itself, is routine – there is quite a lot of strapon and dildo use, and some interracial scenes add variety. Shockingly (or not) some of the videos actually feature men having sex with the girls. Looks like my definition of lesbian is different to theirs.

It’s not clear whether the content is exclusive (I’m not sure who would admit to producing it), but every indication is that it isn’t, a belief encouraged by the ‘copyright protected’ message that greets any attempt to download an image. An effort has been made with the design of the site, but don’t be seduced, friends. The content isn’t dated, though I’d guess no more than an update every week or maybe even fortnight is forthcoming. In short (anybody still reading?) this commendable combination of popular niches is a failure on almost every front.

fat girl dildo

BBW push dildo endings inside their meaty vaginas. Very juicy and delightful to slide.

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