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Lesbian sites are ten-a-penny, exclusively anal ones less so, so this at least has something relatively unique going for it. Les Anal (sounds like a character from a raunchy comedy) promises high quality clips of ‘horny lesbians who plug and fuck their tight asses with dildos and strap-ons’. Exactly the sort of thing you’d expect from a lesbo anal site in other words. Lovely.

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Importantly, all of the content looks to be on-theme. That means rimming and lots of dildo insertion and strap-on usage. You’ll obviously need to be keen on girl-on-girl ass stuff to retain interest for long, though all fans of lesbian content should find at least some of the clips enjoyable. And we say ‘clips’ because videos are clearly the focus of the Lesanal. Most performers are on the young side, which is a darned site better than the wizened old lesbo hags who still somehow manage to get work in the porn industry. Most of them are American and Czech, in fact, including some familiar ones like Jenna Haze. There is reasonable variety to the scenes in terms of location – there are a quite a few outdoor ones actually – and there are an unusually high number of threesomes too. One scene even features five girls getting frisky with each other in a locker room.

The pictures don’t look too bad; though the small number of galleries makes Les Anal definitely a better bet for video lovers. A screenshot gallery is available for all videos, and proper photos for about a third of them. Quality wise, two video resolutions are offered, both in Windows format. The highest one is 720×540 (DVD resolution), the smaller one is 512×384 at about half the bitrate. Clips tend to be on the longish side – usually somewhere between 20 and 35 minutes. File sizes can be fairly large. Better picture quality for such chunky downloads could have been achieved. Lesanal is fairly nicely presented, though don’t expect any navigational niceties beyond straightforward browsing of content by date. One big disappointment: there appear to have been no updates since July, but with 7 bonus sites, mainly in the lesbian, anal and ebony niches, there’s still a fair bit to go.

Visit Site: www.lesanal.com

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