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Who, you may reasonably ask, needs a million nudie pictures? Who could possibly work their way through that amount of filth over the course of an average human lifetime? Well, quite a few people, if the runaway success of Karup’s Private Collection is considered. As I prepare to delve into the delights of this truly enormous collection of porn, I give you my solemn vow not to get too carried away. Though if this is the last review you see on this site for a while, you know where I am. Numbers are all well and good, but numbers alone do not make a good porn site. Quality is the watchword, my friends, and thankfully Karup’s largely comes up trumps on that score as well. Although (presumably) they get their material from a huge range of sources, the pictures are consistently good quality, and updates from early-mid 2007 onwards are available at the higher resolution of 1500 pixels as well as the standard 1024.

Softcore galleries have in the region of 100 images per gallery, while the lesbian and hardcore sets can contain as many as 300. It’s also nice to have the separate categorisation of exotics and older women for easy access to those niche areas. And though most of the one thousand-plus models tick the ‘white, pretty, 18-25’ box, this site pretty much runs the gamut of womankind. The videos are separated into soft or hard sections, so do not benefit from the same sophisticated categorisation as the images. The softcore movies are typically split into two parts, the first containing some seductive stripping, and possibly an interview, the second featuring the girls masturbating (not always to climax, but more intensely than the pseudo-autoeroticism featured on some sites). The hardcore category contains both boy-girl and girl-girl content, with girl-girl videos outnumbering boy-girl ones overall. All of the Karup’s sites are going for high def in a big way now as well, so expect most of the latest scenes to be at sharp 1280×720 resolution.


Spreading her legs while laying on a dirty carpet in front of an piano. That’s the true amateur feeling of spiffy naked coeds.

The site itself is very easy to get round, as the facelift it underwent in the not-too-distant past has remedied what used to be a fairly opaque content structure. Now all the categories are nicely accessible, an excellent model index is in place and there are no obvious navigational dead-ends. Karup’s Private Collection is proof that quantity and quality can go hand in hand. The photographic archive is particularly outstanding, and constitutes a true Aladdin’s Cave for amateur/teen enthusiasts. If that’s you, take a month’s holiday and go explore.

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Linda Ratonne

Newer updates on Karup’s collection have switched from unkown talents to more famous adult models like Linda Ratonne who exposes her butty grip and pink vagina.

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