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Those of you who have enjoyed the spectacular offerings of sites like Sapphic Erotica and Watch4Beauty wondered whether it might be kind of cool to see some of their stunning girls getting off on their own have just had your prayers answered. This sister site pledges those self-same, drop-dead gorgeous lasses in ultra close-up solo action. Add to that promises of daily updates and crystal clear high definition movies and you’ve got something that sounds a bit too good to be true, right?

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Razor sharp focus on babe’s ass exposure

It soon becomes apparent what the ‘focus’ here is actually on and working. Not so much the girls themselves as particular parts of the girls. The videos are of a good length though somewhat formulaic, most of them beginning with a swift strip-tease followed by an extended masturbation session, usually with fingers or a dildo, but sometimes with more outré items such as a speculum or vegetable. Occasionally, the models engage in anal insertion, and a smidgen of variety is further introduced with the odd pissing scene or clip of a girl enjoying herself on a sybian device. There are also a few two-girl scenes involving one girl (dressed) fisting another (naked). Essentially, it is wall-to-wall solo insertion content.

What is beyond question is the breathtakingly sharp quality of the videos. They are amongst the clearest high definition clips online, certainly. They are doing justice to the beauty of many of the youngish European models (no aging glamour queens smeared in make-up to spoil proceedings here). What’s more: they have been updating in high definition since day one.

While the videos are what makes this site stand out, the photos are by no means an afterthought. The picture sets correspond broadly to the videos, and are offered in three resolutions up to two mega pixels. The image quality is great with useful browser features including multiple thumbnail sizes and choice of items per page, this is a fantastic complement to the movies.

The site design is predictably professional, and an unusually sophisticated search engine is provided which enables members to filter the content by, amongst other things, 10 types of action and 11 different locations. The only gremlin encountered was the otherwise excellent model index, which does not isolate only those models whose names begin with the relevant letter when browsing alphabetically. There is not much info on the models beyond the physical characteristics such as breast size and hair color that feeds that excellent search engine.

In Focus Girls does pretty much everything right. My only tentative complaint would be of a possible lack of variety and imagination in the work. Though of course if this is a concern, head straight over to Only Cuties (another sister site), which features most of the same models in a range of softcore and hardcore action. Otherwise, though, this is an outstanding collection of masturbation content. Too good to be true? Not by a long chalk.

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Device, toy and vegetable ionsertions are the sharpest highlights in focus.

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