Hog Tied

You know how it is. Sometimes your woman just won’t play ball. What is so objectionable, you ask, about trussing her up like a pig, suspending her from the ceiling, shoving a gag in her mouth, sticking a hatful of clothing pegs to her tits and then proceeding to drive her to orgasm with the help of a massive vibrator? Some girls simply refuse to see the fun in that. No problem, help is at hand in the form of Hogtied, which has over 600 scenes of action as wickedly kinky as that and a lot more too to satisfy your rope fetish needs.

If you’ve ever wondered what the best way to tie a person up is, this site provides something of a masterclass on the subject. The girls are restrained in a bewildering variety of ways, and to a bewildering array of objects too. A particular favourite seems to be suspending the girl, often upside down, as if to prove how strongly she is in fact bound. They certainly aren’t sparing with the rope either: frequently the girl will be tied by her feet, midriff, breasts and hands. Basically, something of Houdini-esque proportions would be required to wriggle free. A range of other fetish elements are then introduced, including gagging, nipple and vagina clamping, blindfolding, contortion, and sometimes even tickling. There’s a bit of spanking and whipping, but that isn’t really the focus of this site. Unlike most things in life, the pain then turns to pleasure as the ladies are forcibly masturbated by their (dressed) male captor, often sending them into a sort of frenzy of excitement. Most of the scenes feature just one girl, though occasionally another girl is introduced.

The earlier scenes utilised a range of locations, including the odd outdoor one, but in the last few years they’ve moved pretty much exclusively to a set which replicates a sort of medieval dungeon. This adds significantly to the realism and professionalism of the footage. Most of the girls are smoking hot, including the thoroughly delicious Bobbi Starr, and in most scenes it isn’t long before they’re fully naked. Technically speaking, things are as superlative as you would expect from a Kink production. The videos are beautifully shot, and there’s now more than two years’ worth of high definition updates to enjoy. The photos look great too, and there’s certainly plenty of those to go at with 200 or more for every episode. As you may know, interactivity is also a big thing at Kink, so expect lots of member chat about the scenes, the models and even the technicalities of the tying up. In essence, it’s a struggle to see how a rope fetish site could be done better than this.

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