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Her Fine Self is a companion production to Candid Beach Angels, a beach candid site that offers some great high-resolution photos but no videos. This one looks like offering much the same only without the specific beach angle. In fact the content is divided into beach, sports and events categories, though most of the images are of girls in bikinis, usually with plenty of cleavage on show. The largest section is the events one, which consists mainly of images taken from erotic shows, car shows and various other events where professional models wear skimpy clothing. Despite the raunchiness of the events, there is no nudity to be found here, as is the case for the rest of the site.

beach ball play

Veuyeur shot of beach volley ball players

The beach category includes lots of shots in and around the beach rather than on the sand itself – in almost all cases the girls are standing or walking around rather than sitting or lying down sunbathing. There are plenty of photos of several girls together, as if they were doing a photoshoot for another site or there was some sort of event going on. The girls in this category are mostly incredibly attractive, it has to be said, all bronzed and toned from playing around in the sun. The sports photos are mainly taken at volleyball games, most of them indoor. Importantly, these are not posed pictures – both the indoor and outdoor stuff is from proper games with the girls dressed in actual uniforms (which in the case of the outdoor games is incredibly more skimpy, as you’re no doubt aware). The rest are candids of professional tennis players, all at the same high quality of 1800 pixels.

There are 25 images in every gallery, and you tend to get quite a few different girls in each set. The site updates with three new galleries every week, which isn’t bad, especially when you factor in the updates at the bonus site Candid Beach Angels. In short there is some amazing candid photography here, and I can only see nudity or video lovers turning their noses up at this.

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