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Too many times what niche sites gain in originality they lose in terms of sub-par technical quality. HD Wetting sounds like it’s got both angles covered. Let’s find out. As the name indicates, this isn’t a simple peeing site. The specific idea is of girls being so desperate to ‘go’ that they end up wetting themselves. Sometimes it’s the panties that end up getting wet, other times the trousers will get a soaking too. Often this isn’t a totally believable fetish (the girls are indoors some of the time with obvious access to a toilet), but they do try to make the scenarios pseudo-realistic, with some wettings ostensibly being accidents, others being intentional. Most of the content features the same four or five girls, and there aren’t that many models overall really. The girls seem to be amateurs, and for some reason they tend to have a punkish vibe.

The content has a pleasingly homemade style to it. It looks like an independent production, and the fact that all the videos are in high definition is an obvious bonus. There are lots of close-ups as the pee starts to flow and the clothes get sodden, and there’s even a bit of fetish stuff, such as in one scene where a girl drinks pee. But this isn’t really a kinky site in that way, despite the odd bit of tickling or light bondage. Some outdoor scenes are sprinkled in the updates, including a few in genuine public places, but don’t expect much nudity in these or indeed many of the other scenes (though sometimes the girl will take her panties off towards the end of the action).

leaking pee

With the high definition focus, the emphasis is quite rightly on the videos, and there’s certainly plenty of it. Clips tend to be on the short side, with typical length being between two and five minutes. That didn’t bother me unduly, as there’s only so long you’re willing to wait while the girl wriggles with discomfort before gasping with relief as the golden stream gushes forth. Only one download option is offered (a HD one, obviously) for the videos, though there is a smaller streaming window if you’re less bothered about taking advantage of the superlative video quality.

HD Wetting does offer picture content, and with a best photo resolution of 1350 pixels for the latest sets (older ones are 1200 or 900 pixels), it isn’t to be disregarded entirely. The photography has the same amateurish-but-nice-looking feel to it as the movie content, but the site isn’t exactly overflowing with photo galleries at the time of writing.

One obvious area for improvement is the design, which is rather perfunctory to say the least. The use of windows-within-windows, which makes using the site somewhat frustrating, is particularly bothersome, but for simply providing a portal for downloading the videos it’s at least workable. Overall, HD Wetting is an excellent, substantial niche site with much going for it.

Visit erotic site: www.hdwetting.com

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