Girls Hunting Girls

Girls Hunting Girls is a lesbian reality site that utilizes the stock porno scenario of girls being enticed or tricked into all manner of kinky sex action. Usually the ladies do their ‘hunting’ out on the streets, tempting would-be lesbians into the back of their car, but thankfully there is much more variety than this, with other locations used including showers, doctors’ exam rooms and the countryside.

Personally I’d have liked to have seen the reality or plot-based component of the action stretched out a little further, but when the girl-on-girl action is at least hot, with the added interest that all of the scenes feature either three or four women. There’s plenty of dildo use, in particular (including double-dildoing), and the strap-on appear too from time to time, though this isn’t a particular feature of this content. The location often switches from the car to indoors somewhere, where the ladies can get more comfortable eating each other out.

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An insane amount of pictures are offered in each gallery, but I can’t see many favoring the image content over the videos for this particular site, especially as picture resolution isn’t great for some of the older sets (but at least the photos appear to be proper stills rather than video captures). The scenes are lengthy, and although it’s difficult to say exactly how many are downloadable in their great high definition format, about half of the ones I tried had the superior 1280×720 resolution.

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It’s not obvious how often updates come, but all impressions are that the site is being added to at least semi-regularly. And this site is actually only the tip of a very large iceberg in the form of the vast, 36-site strong Reality Gang network, which offers a huge amount of additional reality scenes, many of them also in high definition.

We are sorry to inform: is no longer online in its reviewed format.

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