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The Philippines are know as a tropical travel destination in the Pacific Ocean. Filipino people are known as admiring Americans. Because of historic ties to America people learn English in school and speak the language almost fluently. One of their main lines of work is the chat business. Either as outsourced telephone support for large Western companies or as video chat hostesses for cyber sex dens. There is a flourishing market of Asian chat sites online and almost all models are from the Philippines.

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Filipina Chat is one of those cyber sex portals. It’s full with Filipina chat girls who are eager to meat their virtual soulmates for dirty or romantic sex chat. Compared to models from Europe or Latin America, they perform at much cheaper rates – and they are willing to show way more bits during free chats. Basically, there are two different sort of webcam sessions: Free chat and private chat. The free version is to get accquainted and the private chat is for the dirty, intimate sexchat. Of course, later requires a payment. Those payments are based on credits. I.e. a customers buys 20 Dollars worth of credit. While each model sets her own price measured by minute, it can last anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes as some models are content with fees as low as 49 Cents. Unused credits can be used at a later time with another model. The customer is in full control of his spending and there are no recurring fees. Funds can be reloaded at the convenience of the visitor and they require a new transaction.

In the experience of many visitors, Filipina camgirl are very accommodating and pleasing. Pre-recorded footage we viewed for this review showed some women performing shy strips while others hed no problem masturbating with the corner poles of their wooden beds. Some even urinated on the floor in front of their laptops. It can get raunchy in those chat rooms. It’s also been reported that some people have been dating camgirls while on vacation in the Philippines. Some of those guys got happily married to their cyber soulmates.

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Girls of the Philippines are admired for their exotic looks. In general they are more curvy compared to other Asian women.


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