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The French add their own brand of style and sophistication to most things, so it’s no surprise that Explicite Art, the website of Gallic erotic supremo John B. Root, is quite a lavish affair. John (real name Jean Guilloré) has had a distinguished career in the porn industry, with a filmography as long as your arm and a bulging awards cabinet to match. I’m expecting something just a little bit special here.

French porn stars

Fisting, squirting and toy masturbation in French lesbo scene. Extreme sex from Paris, France.

The first thing you notice is just how varied the content is. Yet the site is proud to proclaim that every last photo and second of footage has been produced personally by Monsieur Root himself. Alongside the lesbian and boy-girl sex there are plenty of glamour-style scenes and some interviews too. The action can get quite extreme on occasion, including double penetration, fisting, anal sex and even some peeing. Although there is a certain rawness to it all, the whole thing has a classy sheen that owes much to John’s many years working on professional movies and TV shows.

It looks like the majority of the 300-plus girls are French, and they have the chic, elegant look (and, often, the extensive pussy hair) we associate with the ladyfolk of that nation. The models, who look to be in their early 20s for the most part, are very attractive, and the site promises that many of them are ‘debutantes’ who have never worked in the industry before. It’s certainly great to see some models you won’t find on any other site. Although I was pleased with the video content, and happy to see there are quite a few high definition scenes in place, one or two aspects of the movies were less pleasing. For starters, the camerawork itself can seem a little rough and ready, roaming a little randomly about the action and switching angle quite frequently. Also, the taking of photos during the filming has never been anything less than a massive annoyance in my eyes, although that does occur in only a minority of the movies. Extensive use is made of video effects, which adds to the artiness of the scenes but threatens to become overindulgent on occasion.

The photos don’t quite have the stylishness of the videos, which is not surprising as John deals in movies primarily, though the images are at least clear and nicely sized, and there are more than 700 shoots available at the time of writing. The site is sensibly organised, and there is a reasonably detailed search function with plenty of body type and activity options (including tattoos and piercings), along with the helpful ‘temperature’ (degree of explicitness) filter. There is also a keyword search and free text search by actress name. All of which is fluff, really. Explicite Art offers an imagination in content and production that easily surpasses most other sites professing to offer artistic material, so if you’re after a bit of ultra-elegant Euro erotica I’d head along here sharpish.

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Debutantes in first sex movie castings is Explicite’s trademark: this scene shows French amateur Stella in her first anal sex scene.Other focus includes pissing and genital close-ups.

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