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Everything Butt is produced by Kink, a well known fetish producer who offer more than a dozen market-leading sites. This is one of their newer ones (online since mid-2009), but content levels are already pretty reasonable, and as ever with Kink the content is simply beautifully shot, with both the photos and videos looking like works of art compared to your average online content.

When they say ‘everything’ butt, they mean everything into the butt. Think of all the conceivable things you could do to a butt, then realize you’ve only scratched the surface of what these deviant folks are getting up to. There’s a fair bit of anal sex here, but that is by no means everything that’s going on; in fact most of the scenes feature two or three girls exploring their butts in various ways (fingering, dildoing, electro play, spanking, whipping, butt plugging, licking), and several scenes feature girls getting enemas. Although much of the action has BDSM overtones (which is Kink’s stock-in-trade) the domination angle isn’t overplayed, meaning this should appeal to all fans of butt and anal sex content. The footage has that unique atmosphere that Kink generate – a combination of extreme sexual activity within the confines of a respectful, passionate but erotic approach to kinky action. The settings are more varied than is usual for Kink, with more than average shot outside their purpose-built dungeon favored for most of their other scenes. In terms of the models, there is a pleasant mix of amateurs and regulars, one or two of whom look more than a little concerned at what’s going to happen – but they all get into it eventually.

anal fisting

There are many ways to get into a butt.

The videos are long, some approaching an hour in fact, but they are all split into several parts for the benefit of those who don’t want to wait for the full movie to download. All of the scenes are offered in a stunning high definition format, and there are a few other video options too. Photo lovers aren’t left short-changed either, especially in view of the huge number of images that are created for each shoot. Updates alternate between one new scene a week and two, which is very reasonable. Few criticisms can be leveled at the site itself, though I do feel it would benefit from a search function or some tags, especially given the variety of material here. The popularity of the site is evidenced by the numerous member comments that accompany each scene, and the forum also seems active. Overall, Kink seem to raise the bar with everything they turn their hand to, and this is another pearl.

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