Erotic Culture

Porn Art is different

There is nothing more boring than standard gonzo stuff. Unless under influence of too much booze or smoke it’s just the same after 10 minutes – just like watching a wrestling match. The best wrestling matches took place during Wrestlemania I and II with Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. I heard pro-wrestling icon Andre the Giant drank up to 60 beers in one night (I fell off the chair after 37 cans) – just to get connected between beer, wrestling and porn. The first 2 porn movies I ever watched were the best ever: Deep Throat with Linda Lovelace and Casanova with John Holmes. All other pay TV and VHS porn became boring.

Erotic Culture

Sexual content becomes cultural when it’s trashy or when it’s related to extraordinary abilities. It becomes art when it’s connected with creativity and roles of subjects and objects exchange rather than consume. Even the dirtiest sexual acts can evolve to art and culture (more of subculture). Don’t we all want to know what’s inside the trash can when it smells interesting?

Cultural Sex

Genital habitual behaviour such as intercourse with people of specific ethnic backgrounds, physical sophistication or handicaps is the subculture of erotic culture. Examples would be sexual intercourse with midgets or high risk groups such as prostitutes and bargirls. Smother and other fetishes leading to sexual stimulation by combining fantasy with activities deemed as abnormal, offensive or questionable nurtures value or erotic art – other may simply call it decadence.

Erotic Models

Natural beauty is simply a perfect body – naked, tight and hungry starving for stimulation. The sensous road to satisfaction is the goal, not just a way to fulfill dark sexual fantasy. We also want to go into more detail than others. For example when dealing with ebony nudes, we will show more than just some amateurs from Chicago or Atlanta, but try to open your eyes for naked black babes from Cuba and Haiti.


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