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DT Babes is the website of Donovan Trent, a noted erotic photographer based in Las Vegas who has worked with some of the hottest models in the biz. This site is part of a mini-network featuring three sister productions in addition to this one, including a solo site for one such girl – Penthouse star Ashley Roberts.

What you can’t argue with is the quality of the girls. They are universally hot, albeit in the stereotypically glam kind of a way that characterizes most American-based softcore work. However, when it comes to the photos themselves, for a supposedly professional photographer I have to admit I’ve seen a lot better. Maybe these were nice digital shots to begin with, but the transition to web has not been a good one – a large number are overexposed and the colour is too often just the wrong side of over-saturated earthy orange. They’re at least sharp, however, by and large.

The site has something of the popular art nudes format to it, but this is definitely towards the glamour end of that spectrum, with most of the shoots being studio-based with a general (not necessarily unwelcome) air of sexuality and sleaziness. There is a choice of three resolutions, which is good to see, going up to 1800 pixels at best (about standard in this niche). The videos are a write-off, however: resolution is very low, the footage is mostly simply of the photo shoots, and half the time it’s topless nudity only.

Sample image of an American ebony babe.

Sample image of an American ebony babe.

In short, DT Babes has a few things going for it, but it’s clearly in need of a lot of work to become anything like the complete article. With only one photo update a week and about half as frequently as that for videos, it’s also not growing that rapidly. Hopefully with time and some technical improvements this can become the site that Donovan’s undoubted talents deserve.

Visit erotic site: DTbabes.com is closed for good.

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