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What turns a nice conservative girl into a girl willing to gyrate naked in front of hundreds of total strangers? Booze, of course. It doesn’t work for all of them, more’s the pity, but as Drunk Girls Flashing proves, it certainly does the trick for quite a few. This site celebrates those golden moments when drunkenness and nudity go hand in hand. I think I’ll avoid beering up for the sake of authenticity and approach this one stone cold sober so I don’t miss a naked moment.

There is quite a broad range of stuff available here actually. Most of it is from raunchy indoor wet t-shirt contests, but there’s also a liberal helping of Mardi Gras flashing and some stuff from private parties. And it doesn’t stop there: there is even some candid beach photography and, rather incongruously, some generic hardcore videos thrown in for good measure. It all goes together to make a pretty hotchpotch collection.

As you might expect given such diverse content, quality varies rather dramatically. Far and away the best material on this site is the Spring Break photo collection, which fortunately comprises the largest individual segment. These are sharp, high resolution action shots of girls getting wet and wild, and there’s plenty of full nudity too. The galleries are usually on the small side, but they update every day meaning the collection is growing quite nicely. There are fewer of the candid beach shots, but these too look excellent, though the Key West and Mardi Gras images are mostly low resolution.

On the whole the videos are a slight disappointment. Again most of the stuff is from Spring Break, Mardi Gras and Key West, though the quality isn’t the best despite the decent resolution. The hardcore material is passable but clearly filler in a site like this – I’m sure it won’t be entirely unwelcome for some, but it would be better served in a bonus section rather than interspersed amongst the main on-topic updates. Exclusivity is a concern too – in fact some of the clips, such as reduced bitrate versions of scenes from group sex site Drunk Sex Orgy – are obviously licensed.

Navigating around the content is pretty easy, though greater categorization would help. There is a search function but it searches only by the name of the gallery, so it’s not foolproof at isolating material by theme. It’s good to see plenty of screenshots for the videos, though annoyingly you have to navigate away from the main video download page to see them. They certainly have the makings of a good site here, and I wouldn’t let some of the extraneous stuff deter you if you’re after high quality wet t-shirt photos, since you’ll be amply satisfied by what’s on offer here in that case.

Visit erotic paysite: www.drunkgirlsflashing.com

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