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Downblouses hold a special place in most men’s hearts. Couple the magic of nudity coupled with the thrill of seeing ‘that which should not be seen’, and you’ve got an erotic fantasy that has been keeping men excited since the first low-cut blouse found its way onto womankind. So it’s a little surprising that there hasn’t been a high quality site catering specifically for this niche. Until now …

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The videos at Downblouse Loving are of the staged rather than purely voyeuristic type. Thankfully, there is no pretence about this – in fact, the girls chat throughout the scenes as if you were sitting there with them. This gives the footage a wonderfully relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The girls do play up to the niche, frequently saying things like “do you enjoy looking down my top?”, before perhaps opening their shirts up a bit more to give you a better view. Not all of the content features downblouses in the strict sense of the word – several of the scenes feature the girls wearing skimpy tops (or just bras) that reveal massive cleavage rather than loose-fitting tops you can see down.

The site is British (most of the girls sound like they are from the north west of England, if you want me to be even more geographically specific), which probably won’t surprise many softcore fans. With a couple of exceptions, the girls are mostly young and pretty, and they’re by no means all large-chested (this isn’t a big tits site as such). With 42 models and over 700 clips offered at the time of writing, it doesn’t require involved mathematics to realise that most of the girls have quite a large number of individual scenes. There are no pictures at Downblouse Loving, but the video collection more than makes up for that. Incredibly, all of the videos are shot in high definition, and very good they look too. The lack of a smaller resolution option is an obvious oversight, though the short length of the clips (average is about three minutes) means you won’t be waiting too long for your downloads to finish.

Quite a few bonus videos, typically featuring the same models in full topless clips or upskirt fetish scene. There’s obviously extra nudity in the topless scenes here, but the style is equally softcore as the main content. The site has a simple design: the only two sections you’ll need being the model index and the updates page. Speaking of updates, new content appears two or three times a week, averaging out at roughly one new clip every day, which is great. Overall, Downblouse Loving is fun, sexy and clearly designed with fans of the niche in mind. In short, a downblouse lover’s dream.

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