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Damsels in Peril proclaims to be ‘the home of British soft fetish fantasy bondage, thriller and peril’. I’m not sure whether there are other softcore sites out there with a ‘girls in peril’ theme, but I can’t imagine there are many, so this might just have cornered the market. Sometimes the whole scene is played out, other times the action starts with the girl (or girls) tied and bound, and we’re left to imagine how they ended up that way. A common theme seems to be where the tables are turned on some sort of law enforcement official, such as where a suspect imprisons a policewoman and forces her to strip. In many scenes the girl actually exchanges clothes with her prisoner, which I found a particularly nice (and erotic) touch.

Helpless in satin and balled

Helpless in satin and balled

Most of the footage is shot indoors, though one fantastic recent scene takes place in a garage, where a woman is bundled into the back of a car and tied up. As the site’s tagline indicates, the bondage is light: the girls aren’t bound particularly aggressively or even tightly, and gagging isn’t used all the time. This really isn’t one for hardcore fetish fans. Nor is there wall-to-wall nudity on this site; in fact in a couple of the scenes the girls stay dressed throughout. Usually, though, the scene is contrived so that both the captor and the victim end up naked. Damsels in Peril features getting on for 150 models, and they seem to be the cream of the British glamour biz such as the delightful Abigail Toyne and the scrumptious Melanie Walsh.

At between five and ten minutes, the scenes aren’t overly long, though that at least means download sizes aren’t too meaty. Video resolution is 960×540, which, despite not being quite high definition, is still very good quality – I managed to watch the clips at full screen on a decent-sized monitor without noticing dramatic pixellation. The pictures are also sharp and professionally shot.

For a niche site, a fantastic amount of material is available, with both photo galleries and videos now numbering over three hundred – very impressive tallies for such unique content. The photo and video collections update every six days, though at different times, so new material flows steadily. The site design is modern and appealing, though personally I’d have preferred some content categorisation rather than a simple search engine. There’s also a forum (shared by other sites), and I think the webmasters swing by here from time to time to check out if members have any new ideas for scenes, which is cool. In short, if you’re into this sort of content, Damsels in Peril is going to get you dribbling with excitement. The content is plentiful, on-theme and professionally produced, which is pretty much all you can ask for.

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